Ambiya- This startup is innovating and upskilling to revolutionise sustainable fashion in India

“Fast fashion isn’t free. Someone somewhere is paying.” Lucy Siegle

Ethical Sustainable Fashion Is The Next Normal

Over the past few years, sustainability has become the talk of the town. Since the time pandemic hit us, we started questioning our practices and priorities, valuing health and the environment like never before. People are shifting from fast fashion to sustainable fashion and becoming more environmentally conscious. Hence sustainability has become a business necessity these days differently, both for the business and the planet. Their methods include cutting down on carbon emissions, tackling overproduction, optimal packaging and leading to a reduction in waste that supports biodiversity. 


Sustainable fibres are providing solutions for companies facing issues regarding environmental problems. Two natural sustainable fibres are organic cotton and bamboo. Brands are also experimenting with other natural fibres or substances that have less damage to the environment during their production. For instance, some companies are developing new materials, like leather made from grape skins and orange skins. Bringing such ethical & moralistic fashion to every doorstep is a Gurgaon-based Apparel & Home Essentials business run by two aspirational women Lavanya & Shilpi by the name “Ambiya”. 

The Brand That Lives The Message of “Go Vocal For Local”

The uniqueness of the brand Ambiya lies in the fact that all its products are zero waste sustainable products made with natural fibre and handcrafted by local artisans. Their transparency of pricing and the finest quality they deliver are impeccable. To ensure their products are of the finest quality, 17 artisans usually get involved in handcrafting a piece of product paying utmost attention to detail. From bringing in the fabric, until the completion of the final output, the entire process is done in-house. This is what makes Ambiya unique and sets itself apart from the rest, formulating its superior rich design onto every single piece of fabric. With its feet firmly planted in ‘slow’ fashion, Ambiya abides by the significance of cloth creation that’s ethical and free of toxic chemicals. They even follow biodegradable packaging and employ eco-friendly and safe printing methods, with natural dyes and Azo-free colours. 


From plantable seed tags, home furnishings & decor, travel pouches and bags, women’s fashion clothing and accessories, the brand brings the most versatile collection with a pop of colors , prints and patterns creating a fantastic fusion of trend and tradition 

The Eco-Friendly Story Of The Founders & Their Vision

Lavanya, a management graduate pursued her career in the pharmaceutical sector in the marketing domain for close to 18 years, but gradually she realized to do something of her own that would impart her satisfaction and provide a sense of fulfilment by serving society and environment. The ideation took a step further when she brainstormed on this concept with Shilpi, a close friend and a fashion designer. After deliberating on the art dye clothing and bringing back the traditional art block printing by supporting the farmers and artisans and minimising the global warming concerns through responsible zero waste production, they mutually decided to launch their sustainable lifestyle brand “Ambiya”.Bringing the finest prints from Sanganer, a quaint little town in Rajasthan famous for its craft workshops, textile prints and block printing, the two ambitious women entrepreneurs set out to rope in their exquisite venture Ambiya in 2020. 


To quote Shilpi and Lavanya “For the longest time, we buried our souls into ancient textile traditions to bring you something pure, premium & forever vogue. Our toil finally bore fruit with Ambiya, where timeless traditional techniques meet modern sensibilities and style. At Ambiya, our brethren of artisans and designers are grounded in myths, lore & heritage, whilst keeping up with changing times and innovation. With our roots firmly grounded in ancient artistic wisdom and craft, we aim to incorporate contemporary designs to suit current needs. We bring to you offerings, lovingly handcrafted with responsibly-sourced, virtuous, skin-safe fibres that are sustainable.”

The brand envisions creating conscious shopping choices amongst the masses and encourage them to use only cotton natural fibre. The brand believes in the ideology of reducing the carbon footprint, keeping the items non-toxic & cruelty-free and providing unadulterated nature-based products. 

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