Vishwas Corner : This Local Stationery Shop is Every Child’s Dream Come True

There’s something about stationery that brings out the inner child in all of us. Be it pens, pencils, erasers, scales, compass boxes or even art and crafts supplies, stationery reminds us of our childhood. During school days, few things gave as much joy as the feeling of a new box of crayons or a fancy eraser that broke away from the usual white and blues of that time. So is it any surprise then that a stationery shop gives as much happiness as a kid in a candy store?

Vishwas Corner

Vishwas Corner is a family-owned stationery shop that began its operations in 1980’s by Santosh Patne in “Khed” near Ratnagiri in Maharashtra. It initially sold basic school supplies like notebooks, pencils, crayons and other stationery items. For its time, the store did reasonably well as it was well known in its locality. However in 2021, Santosh’s son Arya joined the family business and took it to the next level.

Setting the Foundation

Vishwas Corner

Since Vishwas Corner was a well-established business, Arya played it to his advantage. He created an Instagram page for the brand that allowed it to gain greater visibility in India. Thanks to this, the brand is currently dispatching 15-20 orders per day. He has also started a new range of products like resin art equipment, customized ribbons, stamps, stickers and so on. All these products have been extremely well received by the clients and have helped escalate Vishwas Corner from a local stationary shop to a hub for art and craft supplies.

“A USP of the brand is its good quality supplies at an affordable price range. We never compromise on quality as we feel that we would not like to sell our clients a substandard product. Our prices are affordable so that it can appeal to a wide range of audiences. This has proven to be a winning combination as we have seen a rise in orders since the time we have begun promoting the page through Instagram,” shares Arya.

Vishwas Corner: Expanding Horizons

Vishwas Corner

In a marketing driven world, the role of Instagram has helped enhance so many businesses and Vishwas Corner is no exception. Ever since the brand has begun promoting itself through its page, the business has seen an upward surge of engagement, views, followers and orders. This has led to increase in scale of operations and has enabled the brand to reach interiors of the country. Arya now has his eyes set on a brand website which can better display its products and take orders as well. “We want to be India’s most trusted brand when it comes to stationery and art and crafts supplies,” says Arya.

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