Edshire- Expanding Your Knowledge Horizons

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.”- Margaret Fuller

Skills Development In The Time of Covid-19, Upskilling Is The Way Forward

In the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has quickly and dramatically accelerated the need for new workforce skills. The rapid rise of digitization and remote work has placed new demands on employees who, in many instances, now require different skills to support significant changes to how work gets done and to the business priorities. There is a need to reassess existing skills in the face of new industry demands because of technological advancements. Technological advancements have brought to fore efficiency, newer solutions and challenges. These challenges have to do with adapting and co-existing with AI-driven automation, and as such, require new-age skills. It’s no surprise then that most employers prefer to hire upskilled professionals. The recent years have also seen a shift in hiring from a degree-based approach to a ‘skill-based approach’.

Through this approach, core skills get precedence over degrees. As per the Future of Work Trends 2022 Report, 69% of companies are now holding an individual’s curiosity and willingness to learn in higher regard than their degree and experience. This paradigm shift in hiring practices erases barriers for employees who are keen to learn, thus, increasing the talent pool in organization. While a skill-based approach to hiring is relatively nascent, it will become a widespread hiring norm in 2022.

Knowledge sharing platforms are essential for economic survival and are real-time and automated to retain relevant knowledge.

Introducing Edshire, Your Pathway To Knowledge

As rightly said a latent talent or skill needs to be channelized in the right direction and the seekers or learners who aim to achieve different skills are sometimes fixed in a quandary as to aprroaching the right source. Edshire bridges this gap between a learner & a domain expert by providing an online platform to bring them together under a common frame. It is an online marketplace offering specific courses where one can learn and teach new skills.Online instructors and students can interact and transfer skills to create a vast repository of knowledge pool.

Founded by Tanzil Khan, Edshire is all set to roll-out officially in May 2022. The brand’s website, Instagram & Facebook page showcases the myriad courses it offers under various categories such as Art, Business, Computer & Web, Personal Development, Language Enhancement, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle etc.

The way the platform works is very unique as it provides a transparent way to connect students and teachers. There is one-on-one chat option and accessing group chats, content, videos are all part of freebies & the only chargeable part is the course enrolled for. Any subject matter expert can register as an instructor and once approved, they can share their skills and knowledge through Edshire website.

This innovative E- Learning brand provides interactive courses across the world with domain expert instructors offering best curriculum and teaching methods.

Some exciting features of Edshire are-

  • One to One Chat
  • Adding Friends to Expand Reach
  • Posting

The Catalytic Drivers Behind The Ideation & Growth Plans

While pursuing MBA, Tanzil realized that students are not getting complete access to the 21st century skills required in today’s dynamic world. Inspite of having internet and social media that can connect worlds apart together, there is still a scarcity of a well-defined platform to help students upgrade their knowledge base. So, Tanzil decided to launch an online platform to create a win-win situation for both the teachers and students.

Edshire’s vision is to provide powerful values to the learners community & create great employment opportunities. It’s main goal is to be the most preferred & trusted partner in generating values.

To know more visit –https://instagram.com/edshire_official?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

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