Playing Smart: Girnar Kids Play’s Commitment To Educational Entertainment For Children

When it comes to choosing toys for our children, we want to find products that are not only entertaining but also educational. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find toys that meet both of these criteria. This is where Girnar Kids Play comes in. Founded in 1997 by Anjali Jain and Anubhav Jain, Girnar Kids Play is a startup dedicated to producing high-quality educational toys that are built to last.

Initially known as Girnar International, this company has a manufacturing wing that is dedicated to producing educational toys. The founders have a clear mission to create toys that are not only educational, but also keep children engaged due to their entertainment factor.

To ensure the longevity of their products, Girnar Kids Play works closely with United Agencies, a company that helps keep a quality check as well as markets the brand. They also involve children in the testing process, asking them to play with the toys and provide feedback on their performance. This helps Girnar Kids Play to identify any weaknesses in their products and make improvements where necessary. Also, the plastic used in their toys is virgin premium quality plastic.

Their toys include multiple aspects of educating the child about colours, numbers, alphabets, sizes, shapes, animals, genders, patterns, etc. All these aspects are an essential part of every child’s early growth stages. The brand offers toys like activity cube, cricket set, ride-ons, building blocks, stackers and much more.

In addition to their commitment to education and entertainment, Girnar Kids Play also prioritizes safety in the production of their toys. All of their products undergo strict quality checks and meet all necessary safety standards, so parents can feel confident in the safety of the toys their children are playing with.

Girnar Kids Play’s dedication to producing educational toys that are both durable and fun has not gone unnoticed by parents. Many parents have raved about the educational value and entertainment factor of the toys. These factors, combined with the strict safety checks and adherence to necessary safety standards, have made Girnar Kids Play a go-to choice for parents looking for educational toys for their children. Girnar Kids Play’s commitment to delivering the best for children has made them a trusted and beloved brand among parents.

The founders of Girnar Kids Play have seen exponential growth in the number of orders and customers they have served over the years. They have a strong presence Pan Inida, and are now working towards exporting to other countries.

In the next five years, Girnar Kids Play plans to invest heavily in the development of even more complex and engaging products that children will love. They are committed to their mission of providing educational toys that are both durable and fun, and they see a bright future ahead for their company.

Overall, Girnar Kids Play is a unique business that is dedicated to improving the quality and educational value of children’s toys. With a focus on education, entertainment and commitment to involving children in the development process, Girnar Kids Play is poised for success in the years ahead.

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