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Toys are children’s words and play is their language- Garry L. Landreth 

Nurturing Healthy, Happy & Smart Minds Is Indeed A Child’s Play If Chosen Wisely 

Something any parent desires is giving their child the best start in life for the best chance of success later on. Amazingly one overlooked aspect of this start is hidden in something children are naturally fascinated with “Toys”.

Playing can be seen as a formative experience for kids that starts at home. Research shows that introducing children to the world of play at an early age can help them develop new skills and interests. Even early in development, a child’s mind is expanding just by looking at their environment and taking in their surroundings. This brings the importance of educational toys that have the potential to stimulate learning through motor and sensory skills, creativity and logical thinking, and language and problem-solving skills. Educational toys don’t necessarily mean toys that are limited to teaching children something curricular like literacy or numeracy. Instead, educational toys are defined as toys which are designed to stimulate a child’s mind to advance their learning. They often simplify complex adult activities and teach kids about subjects such as languages, science, or math in a fun new way. Therefore, attention should be paid to the concepts of games and toys, which are so important for the child to be a part of society as a healthy individual at every stage of his development. It plays a key role in raising self-confident, creative, and happy children. 

The Leap Of UATOYS From Baby Steps To Remarkable Strides 

United Agencies Distributors LLP (UATOYS) is a leading and veteran player in the distribution of creative & meaningful toys since 1951. Founded by the late Shri Shanti Lal Jain, the visionary who introduced many varieties of toys to children in India such as pull-along toys, friction toys and games, the brand has a huge portfolio of premium quality toys that create childhood memories for a lifetime. The manufacturing brands associate with UATOYS for their trust, loyalty and goodwill and any toys marked by United Agencies Distributors LLP (UATOYS) is an assured quality product that gets shipped to Pan India. Their toys not only add an element of fun & joy but also enhance gross motor & fine motor skills and help in overall cognitive brain development.

Their vibrant category of toys such as friction toys, rattles, push & go, musical & mechanical toys, games and blocks, mechanical toys and many more are sure to enhance critical thinking and problem-solving abilities in children. In the area of outdoor activities and sports, United Agencies Distributors LLP (UATOYS) offers an extensive and amazing range of tents and play gyms, cricket sets and play tunnels. 

To quote a few testimonials from vendors, UATOYS offers 

“Wide range, safe, fun & learning educational toys. Children don’t need gadgets when they have their all-time favourite UATOYS.” 

“Best quality toys, My firm is doing business for the last 15 year’s, United agencies is known and trusted for quality products & services.” 

The Extraordinary Aspect That Differentiates the Brand 

The key uniqueness of the brand lies in its trusted quality products, services and on-time deliveries that have earned its reputation from the buyer’s PAN India. Constant improvisation, catching up with trends and team research to get insights from parents and teachers to study the new learning methods is what sets it apart from the rest. 

The brand is now operated by Anubhav Jain, the grandchild of the Late Shri Shanti Lal Jain. Highlighting the tremendous hard work of his late grandfather towards his dream, Anubhav states, “My grandfather had dreamt of opening a trading house dedicated to bringing smiles and laughter to children. He also worked hard for the upliftment of numerous manufacturers to develop and manufacture quality toys for children that are enjoyable and have educational and play benefits. He always admired and valued his talented manufacturers, and due to their dedication and hard work, United Agencies continues to grow and thrive as the toy industry’s experts. He continues to guide us to remain at the pinnacle.”

The brand happily serves 5k-6k orders per month and aims to increase its product varieties from 400 to 700 sku in a few years from now. All their products are tested and approved with a BIS mark and stimulate the natural curiosity of babies and small children to discover the world around them from an early age. 

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