Lemonade, a new-age Luxury brand, is pioneering a new era of online retail

Aspiring to buy luxury products for oneself or one’s home, is a keen desire that every single individual nurtures. After all, the very act of buying a luxurious product, gives one a great feeling of self-worth, satisfaction and a quiet sense of pride that can’t be described. But very often it is the steep prices of these luxury items that really disappoints or discourages the potential buyer.

Therein lies a vast untapped market and a great opportunity. And Lemonade is the brand that aims to tap into this section of customers. Founded by Sambuddha Bhattacharya and Gokul Ramanujam – entrepreneurs with vast hands-on experience in successfully managing and scaling up businesses in highly competitive verticals across global markets – Lemonade is truly an idea whose time has come.

The business premise of Lemonade was born out of the fact that a lot of global or home-grown luxury brands directly source either from India or China. So, their product cost is not that high. In traditional partnerships between manufacturers and luxury brands, the former usually gets the short stick in the deal. The brands capture the majority of the revenue, leaving small margins to satisfy the manufacturer and Lemonade created a new way forward for both manufacturers and consumers. Lemonade is a luxury goods marketplace that provides a carefully curated list of luxury products at the fraction of a cost to its customers via its direct-from-manufacturer model.

Finely crafted products sourced directly from the factories of globally acclaimed brands

Lemonade has made it its mission to facilitate the progression of the buying curve of luxury products, from remaining just an aspiration to becoming a delightful reality. The brand’s design philosophy centres around the guiding principle to consistently deliver unparalleled price points on high-quality goods without compromising on quality, design, or customer experience.

The strong partnership with leading export houses who manufacture for the likes of Hermes, Loro Piana, Ralph Lauren, West Elm, GoodEarth and several other leading brands, has translated into a treasure trove of beautiful home décor and rack after rack of stylish and timeless wardrobe facets. The home décor range consists of home accessories like rugs, throws, bedspreads, quilted bed sheets, sofa blankets and more. The range for women wear is an attractive collection of satin and poplin dresses, tops and shirts, cashmere silk scarves and stoles and elegant footwear too.

The men’s collection is composed of cool casual shirts, classic polo t-shirts, crew cut t-shirts and pure leather shoes and sneakers. Accessories like bags, belts, wallets too are available.

Luxurious, high-quality products at never before affordable prices- that is the raison d’etre of brand Lemonade.

Making buying luxury a rational & democratic experience…

Luxury products can and should be indulged in and enjoyed by all. The thought leaders at Lemonade are quite vocal and also very positive about this aspect being made a reality. The brand at the same time has always ensured that it does not compromise on the quality, timeless classics and the expectations of its customers, who trust it to bring them genuine and rationally priced fashion wear and home décor luxury elements.

Lemonade has gained valuable traction on social media, and excellent customer word of mouth has played a key role in racking up significant order volume. Besides deepening its footprint in India, it is looking to expand internationally and aims to become a milestone $100 million business over the next 5 years!

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