CLAY N PASTELS – Beautiful things come in small packages – Meet the miniature art gifting specialist for all occasions…

Sometimes, the things we do as a pleasant pastime or just a general hobby can turn into a small business that takes on a life of its own and evolves beautifully over time. This is the story of Prasanna Naraharisetti, a highly creative, self-taught miniature artist who founded CLAY N PASTELS – a miniature art creative gifting enterprise – in January 2022. Prasanna Naraharisetti is a mother of a 2 year old kid, working as a Software engineer at Hyderabad.

When asked to define what miniature art is all about, Prasanna Naraharisetti said, “I see it as an art that beautifully replicates special moments in life in small-sized memories that can be preserved for a lifetime.” Experimenting and learning through YouTube videos and tutorials, Prasanna Naraharisetti quickly picked up the tricks of the trade and soon made her mark creating delightful pieces of miniature art for festivals, weddings, naming ceremonies, and more.

Having started out simply as a creative passion to gift family and friends with amazing surprises, the appreciation and encouragement she received from everyone pushed her to consider turning her creative side into a profession. Today, her Instagram business page is a popular destination for numerous followers, and her admirers and client roster are only growing.

Nothing but the best will do to create precious miniature items… Everything starts with a detailed sketch and then comes the main skill – scaling everything down to create the right shape and proportions. At CLAY N PASTELS, items are scaled down to 1/12 of the actual size of real-life products. This requires not only skill but also a lot of patience, as customization can sometimes take a lot of time.

What makes the miniatures from CLAY N PASTELS look so realistic and adorable is the quality of polymer clay used. “We use the best molding clay imported from the USA and Canada, which not only helps shape the products but is also color-friendly and more long-lasting,” says Prasanna.

The whole process takes around six to seven steps where the clay is first softened and then molded. After this, it is baked at a high temperature, cooled, buffed, sanded, varnished, and dried to get the final product.

Delightful hampers, return gifts, shadow boxes, food platters, and a whole lot more of wonderful miniatures for nearly every occasion are available.

In addition to offering a wide range of miniature art creations, CLAY N PASTELS is also committed to empowering women through the art form. Prasanna Naraharisettiis dedicated to guiding anyone interested in learning more about miniature art and how to turn it into a profitable business opportunity, all from the comfort of their own home. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift or simply want to create something special for yourself, CLAY N PASTELS has something for everyone. The brand’s commitment to artistic expression and quality craftsmanship sets it apart in the world of miniature art and gifting.

The long-term vision is to introduce the art to women and empower them to become entrepreneurs… Having fulfilled over 500 orders in a short time, the idea of creating miniatures of almost anything is really catching on. CLAY N PASTELS aims to be at the forefront of this challenging art and continues to experiment with different materials and processes to make the final product even more appealing to a viewer and cherished by both the giver and receiver.

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