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Culture is one aspect of our lives that brings people from varied religions, traditions, and countries together under one roof. Such is also the culture of Pakistani Suits that are available in a comprehensive range of designs, patterns, and shades. Not only do Pakistani suits come in varied styles and fabrics, but the quality of the fabric used in making these suits are airy, light-weight, and smooth-textured. From luxury wear to daily wear, Pakistani suits offer and appeal to everyone. 

A decade ago only a minuscule percentage of India’s population donned Pakistani attires. The last few years, however, have witnessed an incredible absorption of Pakistani styles into everyday India. The long, flowing kurtas, beautiful laces and intricate embroidery that characterize Pakistani designs have captured the hearts of millions of Indians. 

Essential Outfits Every Woman Moment Of Inspiration- Taking The Leap of Faith

Businesses hold no prejudices when it comes to creativity and innovations and women’s great powers of creativity, resilience, and extraordinary tales have created stories that exemplify the ultimate force of womanhood. Bringing one such story of a womanpreneur who tried to carve a niche for herself in the fashion space, is worth sharing. 

Aysha Anees, a 45-year businesswoman who relentlessly chased her dream of fashion designing even post-marriage and being blessed with two adorable children is an exemplary figure to all the women who have the fire in their bellies to prove their mettle. A graduate with B.Sc(Agriculture), Aysha settled in UAE after getting married, but she never gave up her obsession with interior and fashion design. Hailing from a family of doctors and engineers, she was fortunate to choose a career path for herself; however, the lack of proper guidance and the realization amongst children to follow what they are passionate about & not as per society’s expectation is what barred her initially to start her journey into fashion designing.

Stating her journey and struggles, Aysha mentions, “I firmly believe that a passion in you can never die. It has to and will come out in one way or the other in due course. It is only a matter of time, and be it on your own accord or by a slight push from someone else to make you come out of your comfort zone and take that baby step to fill the void, your passion will take charge. For me, that push was my sister and my husband’s sister both of whom kept on hinting at starting a small-scale business of textile designing and sales. Encouraged, I took that leap of faith but had to start from scratch and that too in a foreign country where I had no one to guide me or take advice. However, when you know that you are right, by God’s grace, destiny brings like-minded and helpful people to you. Likewise, I got textile dealers who were ladies and homemakers, from Pakistan and India, through mutual friends and contacts. It was amazing to see how they were trying to be independent and support their families.

They are extremely honest, hardworking individuals and I feel great in encouraging them by believing in them. When passionate, determined, and supportive women get together, wonders can happen. Thus, I started my small venture by doing exhibitions, online pages, and WhatsApp groups and by taking up customised design works. I started my business, with the name ‘D’zineby Aysha Anees’, in 2010. I was doing my business purely online until February 2022. It was my lifelong dream to start a boutique and have my stitching unit so that I can do my designing without any constraints. That desire became strong by the middle of 2021. It was a big risk as it was during the most difficult time of the pandemic. There was a lot of discouragement and warnings, making me rethink multiple times about my decision. At the same time, I had the unbeatable support and love of my family, friends and customers. So I started ‘FAYRAH’, which means ‘the blessing/gift of God, in April 2022.”

From Stumbling Blocks To Stepping Stones

To prove her skills and make a niche for her brand with the available resources in a foreign land was not a piece of cake! It was a long and exhausting process with multiple trials and errors at each step and getting the legal compliances in place. It took her almost 4 months to get all things done to transit from purely online sales to a physical store with the launch of her boutique “Fayrah”. 

Talking about the exquisiteness of her collections, Aysha proudly shares, “FAYRAH is a place where a lady’s dream outfit takes shape. A portal for transforming your ideas into not just an outfit but a complete look; a place where you can be inspired by the best selections in town and also be able to create your unique style. As a choosy customer myself, and a passionate designer, I have a purpose to create a piece of clothing for every lady from every class, because everybody wants to look her best. The core area of service begins with the sales of branded Pakistani clothing and customisation of it to fit you and your vision. We also have the best accessories, footwear (juthis), hijabs (readymade and customised) and a lot more to complete your style. Apart from all that, we also offer hand embroideries, and designer wear for teenagers and plan to launch our exclusive bridal collection soon. We style Arabic outfits, and abayas too. Modest yet stylish clothing is our signature.” 

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