KALAKAAR ART STUDIO – The most creative art studio of the year 2022, launched by Artrepreneur Bhavika.

The art of painting is a passion that gets expressed in a multitude of colors and delightful eye catching forms, offering glimpses into an artists’ creative soul.

It is this very quality of art that drew fine artist Bhavika Govind Mangnani to it. A graduate from Rachna Sansad Academy of Fine Arts and Crafts Mumbai, Bhavika answered her inner calling to stretch the canvas of her life, add the colors of her imagination and embark on creating a space dedicated to art. In 2018 at a very young age of just 19, giving expression to her Artrepreneur instincts she established KALAKAAR ART STUDIO. Everyone is a Kalakaar, an Artist, is what she believes in – hence the name.

Says Bhavika, “I wanted a space that would be a confluence of my art and art lovers. It is a space where people can step in to see me work, discuss art and view or invest in my collection too.”

It’s been 4 art filled years and Bhavika keeps the vibe of the space alive with art exhibitions, art workshops and collaborative painting sessions. In fact she says, KALAKAAR ART STUDIO is the only “walk in art gallery” in all of suburban Mumbai.

A supportive family, her own instinctive artistic talents and her strong belief in the healing and spiritual aspects of fine art, recently saw Bhavika receive “Most Creative Artist of the Year 2022’ & ‘Outstanding and Creative Art Studio of the Year 2022’ at the prestigious Startup India Awards 2022!

As the Artist and also an Artrepreneur, Bhavika is gifted with a natural talent to perform both the roles with professional ease…

Nature imprints her subtle influences on Bhavika’s work and the great masters of the past, notably Van Gogh, has had a profound influence on shaping her art journey. Her art expressions are an extensive composition of abstracts, natural elements, spiritual figures and also life like hand drawn portraits.

As a professional Artrepreneur she dabbles in art selling and art consulting for residential and commercial spaces, reaching clients all over India and Dubai.

Among the many highlights of her journey, Bhavika cherished her very first painting of an Elephant done after graduation for her very first exhibition. She titled this creation as “Almast” which means carefree in Sindhi. This was picked up by none other than Sir Adi Jehangir – Chairman, Jehangir Art Gallery. Truly a milestone moment.

Art is beautiful journey that is constantly evolving with time… Kalakaar is an integral part of it…

With more than 100 of her artworks adoring the spaces of the rich and famous, Bhavika has created a legion of admirers. She however has a deeper motive.

“I want Kalakaar to be a space from where people acknowledge and appreciate how important art is, how it has evolved with time and how we need to make space for art in our daily lives.” Shares Bhavika.

With the intention of “spreading love and joy through art” Bhavika also wants to highlight the fact that ART today is truly a full time profession, a paying career, a way of life for someone. This is a fact that she intends to inscribe into the minds of people.

Click here https://www.instagram.com/kalakaarartstudio_/ to explore and indulge in art that really enlivens your living space, work space and brings happiness to the inner self.

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