HOME IN THE CITY – After receiving an overwhelming response on their hostel for boys, Home in the City has opened up their next property in Dehradun for girls.

There is so much a girl of today aspires to be. There are so many career opportunities available and so many ways to achieve their dreams for a bright and promising tomorrow. What holds the key to these dreams is world class education. To access this, it becomes imperative at times to leave home to study.

But when it comes to a girl studying away from her home there are a whole lot of doubts and anxieties that accompany that decision. Both the parents and the students need to make critical decisions – SAFETY, PRIVACY, COMFORT, PRICING and FOOD being her top priority.

Dehradun, which has emerged as a hub for world class learning institutes, there is a space specially created for ambitious, career driven girls of the future – HOME –IN –THE-CITY – a well-managed student stay right in the city of Dehradun.

Says Dinesh Rao Founder Director Home in the City – “When it comes to creating staying options for girl students, we have created a very safe and sensitive place. We completely understand that the staying needs of a girl is completely different from that of a boy. We have built in certain facets that can make every girl feel comfortable and safe without being too overbearing. We believe that this staying experience should only be a stepping stone for the girls to excel at studies!”

A space thoughtfully created to make you feel at home


For every girl staying away from home to study is indeed a big decision. The next big decision is of course finding a space that will meet their own standards of safety, hygiene, convenience and comfort.

Home in the City while creating space specifically for the girl student, has made sure that every little thing from resting – to studying – to leisure – has been built around her personal needs.

The highlights of the STUDENT HOSTEL for Girls are –


  • Comfortably sized, airy and brightly lit rooms
  • Clean, soft bedding and fresh linen
  • Adequate storage space for personal belongings
  • Reading lamp for exclusive personal use
  • Excellent and regular housekeeping services
  • Convenient laundry services
  • Choice of curated and healthy meals prepared by a trained chef in hygienic SS kitchen
    24 x 7 High Speed Wi-Fi
  • Functional CCTV camera network at all external and common access, entry-exit points
  • Round the clock 24 vigilant security personnel
  • Unobtrusive yet strict security procedures
  • Very high hygiene standards and full suite of COVID-19 protocols followed
  • Hospitality Counter and an All-day Cafe

Community spaces- lounge with large LED screen, dining spaces and an open lawn

HOME IN THE CITY – Because quality home stay can be a really good partner for a girl for quality education


HOME IN THE CITY is all about making two things possible – focusing on studying, as well as being reassured on experiencing a comfortable and safe stay for every girl.
There are whole set of things that are being implemented so that the experience keeps on improving and more and more girl students get comfortable with the facility. Modern and transparent processes that facilitate faster communication, quick response to every student’s need, better communication channels between students and their parents, healthy and diverse meal plans, all these facets are coming together to create a genuinely modern and safe staying experience.

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Website – https://www.homeinthecity.com/

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