spEco: Take care of your eyes and the environment by choosing sustainable and certified eye test, right at your doorstep.

Eyesight is one of the five most important senses that enrich your experience of life. In fact, the quality of your vision determines how you see things and how you feel about what you see. If you’re eyeing a brighter future, make sure you take care of those precious eyes.

While there are scores of eye care products available in the market, most of them offer quick-fix solutions without carefully analysing the problem. Launched on 15th June 2021 by Optometrist Mantosh Khatri, spEco Eyewear has stepped in like a breath of fresh air. The brand aims at transforming the eye care industry by inspiring people to opt for sustainable eyewear, thus “empowering customer-centric optimism”. The virtue of natural and recyclable products cannot be undermined and spEco Eyewear is here to point this out.

How spEco came into existence


Having a decade of experience in an Optical Industry, Mantosh was well aware of how cheap, low-quality eye products thrive in the market. Besides being concerned about the poor quality of testing and products, he was also worried about environmental degradation. It was time to take matters into his own hands and bring about the much-needed change. Therefore, the diligent 28-year-old decided to launch his brand.
Mantosh believes “everyone should be able to see and make the world a better place to live by protecting and preserving nature”.

Discover the uniqueness quotient


The concept of eco-friendly eyewear is still in its nascent stage in India. Most people prefer eye products that somehow fix the problem while also being easy on the pocket. At times, quality takes a backseat. spEco Eyewear is ushering in change by introducing eco-friendly, sustainable home eye test and products (including sustainable specs box) at a reasonable price range. Additionally, its one-of-a-kind sustainable eye tests are quite in demand among customers. And how uniquely refreshing is the concept of Don’t Trash, Just Donate – donating customers’ old, unused spectacles to the poor and needy! What’s more, the services can be availed through mobile, thus making for a pleasant, hassle-free and time-saving experience.

spEco all the

The Mumbai-based start-up offers door-to-door service where the spEco team pays a visit to the customer’s home on an electronic two-wheeler. This entails a minimum service charge of 99-199 rupees which will be refundable if the customer places an order for specs from spEco.

Mantosh explains few steps in detail “The first step involves filling up one Google form mentioning customer details with previous Eye related & General history. The second step requires collecting presently-used glasses whose eye power has become obsolete & noting down other eye-related issues that are not yet mentioned in the form. Since the much-advanced, Automated Handheld Refractometer is 100% tested and certified, and it becomes quite easier to ascertain the current power of the patient with the help of the Duo Chrome Test. This way, all tests are conducted based on the customer’s problems and requirements.”

Keeping an eye on the future

With its unflinching commitment to superior quality and exceptional service, team spEco is focused on scaling greater heights in the near future.

To know more visit –https://instagram.com/specoeyewear?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

Website – https://store.shoopy.in/speco-eyewear

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