VIBHA GUPTA – A global marketing and branding executive who is redefining the social influencing space.

The spike in social media consumption and the various digital platforms is a huge paradox for every marketeer. On the one hand it is irresistible for the sheer numbers, but on the other hand its very fluid nature and complex algorithms have posed a challenge.

Another thing it has thrown into the mix is the social media influencer model. While traditional marketing strategies seem to lose steam in this environment, at the same time over reliance on plain vanilla influencer approach, without the backing of strong marketing fundamentals, come up woefully short.

What brands and their custodians demand in such an environment is a solutions provider who ticks all the boxes. Enter Vibha Gupta – a multi dimensional personality who is Branding Specialist, Writer, Artist and Foodpreneur who is also MasterChef India Top 50 and is a Council Member Food and Nutrition at WICCI INDIA. Armed with an MBA in marketing, human resources and international business and with in-depth exposure to research and tech, Vibha is today a much sought after branding & marketing expert. She is also the founder of Fondant Art, an extremely popular artisanal food design venture catering to five star hotels and high society for over a decade.

At the intersection of design and commerce there needs to be a specialist who can walk that fine line and deliver…

Vibha, after having worked in Information Technology, Business strategy, HR and Marketing with a clutch of top companies, went on to co-found CoantumLeap Digital India. As the Chief Marketing and Creative Officer she spearheaded the brand into a successful digital transformation venture serving global markets.

She also helped launch Neofy, a global financial cloud that allows new fintechs to be launched from scratch in a matter of weeks with a predominantly pay as you go SaaS model.

A passionate mom of a child prodigy and a cute little Shih -Tzu that she showers her life on to, she is an inspiration to women who seek to achieve what she calls the “life-work” balance. With such an impressive resume, Vibha is today positioning herself as a marketing specialist offering a blend of traditional and digital solutions, tailor made to suit every brands DNA. She has created a suite of offerings that is helping emerging brands to quickly capture attention and also keep the customers walking in.

Wearing many hats is something that is second nature now… there are many feathers to add on the way ahead…

On a constant journey of accomplishments, Vibha is still that restless entrepreneur investing her time and energies in coming up with initiatives that help brands and businesses keep up with cutting edge and emerging tech. Currently she is completely devoted to kick start her new venture “Metamorphosis” – a Metaverse centric brand marketing outfit for clients across the globe.

With the wealth of experience across areas, passions for food and art forms, and an active socialite, she is now advising both upcoming as well as established marque on how to intelligently and emotionally engage with their users in a genuine and high touch manner using social media and digital channels.
“I believe that marketing and engagement should be associated with a high dose of emotional quotient in its approach”, says Vibha. Engaging with active consumers who have a voice and can change the prospective customer in a genuine way is what she is trying to establish with her total client experience framework which is also the subject of her upcoming book titled “Marketing in the age of influencing” where she writes about consumers who can actively engage and positively impact buying and consumption patterns of brands.
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