BROWNGIRL CRAFTS – The restless urge to explore and do something different turned into a thriving gifting business…

For many of us the summer vacation is the time to relax and have fun. But for this ambitious teenager, it became an opportunity to discover something new and turn it into a tangible long-term business.

This is exactly what Muthupriya Maniraj from Mumbai did during her 12th summer vacation. She wanted to make the most of her time so she tried her hand at craft. She created a very nice slam book as a birthday gift and it was an instant hit!

This first sale really motivated her and her close friends too encouraged her to follow her passion and change it into a profession. So from 14th November 2019 onwards, BROWNGIRL CRAFTS was officially in business.

“I have created 2 different business models. One is for assorted gift hampers and the other is handmade crafts. Both offer quite unique things which can be customized as per every customer’s budget.” Priya told The Business Press.

A Gifting Platform For Men And Women

Priya has chosen the smart way to be different and make her business attractive and noticeable. BROWNGIRL CRAFTS does have something for everyone but what it has also curated is a range of attractive gifting options for men. The box with men’s essentials – a shirt, a wallet, a perfume, men’s belt, sweet treats and a scrap card! is a bestseller.

“I have noticed that there is a limitation of choice in the market when it comes to gifts for men. So I have created gifting hampers, clothing, gadgets, accessories, food and so that something to touch feel hear and taste is gifted”, mentions Priya.

What also makes the enterprise so popular is that Priya is open to accepting last minute orders! In fact 70% of her orders are all about last minute placement and delivery.

The BROWNGIRL CRAFTS gifting portfolio offers the hot selling and exclusive albums also called the memory book. This apart it also has digital artworks, floral frames, wedding ring platters, budget friendship cards, customized table top calendars, crafted box in box, anniversary scrap book, rakhi envelopes, chocolate explosion box, loaded cage hamper and a whole lot more!

A Gift For Everyone

Priya has a vision that is very clear for the brand. She says, “I want to be that brand which people can approach without any hesitation for any gifting idea. It should be a comfortable space for a customer to discuss and find something that can be customized for the occasion and a budget.”

This business approach has served the business extremely well and BROWNGIRL CRAFTS has met orders of more than 500 customers from within India as well as the overseas market. The next step is to hire more people, expand customer base and also add some more unique products to the portfolio to make the brand more attractive and competitive.

Click here to pick something for yourself or to gift something to a friend! There is definitely something in your budget and for your liking!

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