Jaipur Basta: This conscious brand is curating handbags in the prints of Jaipur.

I think handbags, not clothes anymore, but I think you can tell a fashion victim by their handbags.” – Joanna Lumley

Handblock Printing – Diving Into The Process Of Centuries Old Art

India is one of the most popular countries in the world that excels in the art of hand block printing. It is a type of woodcut printing used on various types of fabrics to create amazing patterns and designs on them. The intricate designs that are seen printed on a piece of fabric are not designed with a brush, rather they are carved into wooden blocks. Fine prints of flowers, animals and several abstract designs give an interesting face to a simple fabric. The fabrics which get usually used for this type of printing include linen, cotton and silk. It is a traditional art form of India which mainly gets practised in the places of Gujarat and Jaipur. The expert hand block printing manufacturers design unique textiles and rich weaves which have successfully grabbed the attention of various companies in the international market. Today, there are so many reputed hand block printed fabric manufacturers who use this art form to design various types of articles such as bags, bedsheets, curtains, fashion garments, accessories and many more.

Bringing this unique artform, deep dyed in mesmerizing colours and designs is a Jaipur-based startup, launched in December 2020 called “Jaipur Basta. Based in the Pink city of India, the brand stands true to its name by curating handmade bags. The brand offers a vivid collection of handbags in the prints of Jaipur – slings, baguettes, satchel, totes, duffle, clutches, pouches and many more in hand block print designs. Talking about the business, Nikita Shekhawat, the founder of Jaipur Basta mentions the core element of the brand, “We, at Jaipur Basta, ideate to create thoughtful designs and to develop modern pieces using quality materials. We carefully focus to blend our artisanal aesthetic with contemporary sensibilities. Offering a wide range of consciously developed handmade bags, we take pride in providing the best quality finishes in various styles. As a creator, we believe accessories can help you accentuate your personality- and we wish to deliver it with a touch of personalisation in our products.”

The Business Imprints – From Scratch To The Growth Phase

Hailing from Jaipur city which is much known for the block print work, Nikita always found an untapped opportunity that could highlight and accentuate the beautiful block print work of artisans. Being in her native place since Covid times, Nikita capitalized on the ample time to work closely with artisans and sketch designs to create block print bags. Being a textile designer, she carries around 4+ years of experience in this field; however, the business ideation and execution only fructified when they analysed the success of block print handbags receiving overwhelming response from customers. The brand ships across Pan India & a few years ahead, it wants to foray into the global markets too. Their handbags are majorly handmade by artisans and supporting them financially is a noble goal that the brand envisions.

The exclusiveness of the bags lies in the enormity of designs that the brand offers and the high-quality fabric it uses to provide contemporary designs. Traditional prints that were usually confined to conventional stereotyped designs were given a modern face over by this brand. An aspirational, go-getter Nikita launched her business at the age of 21 years with an initial funding of 20k and this youthpreneur graduate in textile designing has made bigger bolder strides in her business so far. In a year, the brand made 500+ bags and received tremendously large orders on various platforms- website, Flipkart, Facebook & Instagram. The brand plans to go on board with other selling partners too such as Myntra & Nykaa.

Website www.jaipurbasta.com

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/jaipurbasta/

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