Satianu -A Haven For Personal Healing Through The Bounties Of Nature

Essential Oils Market Dynamics: Fragrant Opportunity In The Air

India has always been a country of olfactory indulgence, where incense, attar and aromatherapy were present for centuries, where essential oil perfume was an indispensable part of the royal lore. Be it a prayer, ritual, celebration, spirituality or well-being, fragrances were a crucial aspect in each of them.

The therapeutic properties of essential oils like boosting the immune system, fighting cold, allergies and breathing disorders, providing sound sleep and maintaining a calm and relaxed environment at home are the major reasons for the rise in the usage of the essential oils.

Sharing The Essential Approaches for Wellness With Satianu


Satianu is a start-up in the space of aromatherapy and wellness founded in February 2020 by the two Nair sisters Ashwini & Aishwarya Nair. The start-up offers a wide range of 100% natural, quality essential oils, aromatherapy blends, carrier oils, spray mists, diffusers, dilutions and scented candles. The start-up showcases a galore of natural therapeutic grade essential oils such as peppermint, eucalyptus, citronella, lavender, lemon grass, basil etc. Their collection also features aromatherapy blends and spray mists targeted to solve specific areas like rejuvenation & meditation, inducing sound sleep and anxiety elimination to provide a holistic healing to the users.

They also specialize in customized corporate, event and personal gifting purposes. Their hampers are much coveted and are a huge hit as giveaways at wedding functions and corporate parties. They strive to create a variety of favors at various price points so that everyone can get a portion of their favorite fragrances which can soothe and relax their mind and set them in an amazing mood.

The start-up That Worthily Justifies Its Name & Goodness


Satianu is a well-thought name- “Sati” meaning awareness and “Anu” meaning Atom, hence Satianu essentially aims to create awareness in every atom within and around us through scent, connecting with nature and practicing self-love.

The uniqueness of the start-up is the level of transparency it offers to its customers by quoting the percentage of natural ingredients used in each of its products using “Naturometer” so that the customers can make well-informed choices.

The Inspirational Forces Behind The start-up Launch


Satianu carries the rich legacy, experience and enriched knowledge of their family business which has been in the field of Essential Oils and fragrances for over 35 years, supplying fragrance ingredients, essential oils and aroma chemicals regularly over many years, to various renowned perfumery and flavour houses as well as to major FMCG product companies.

On much research, it was found that it was tough to source good quality, authentic essential oils and natural aromatherapy products in small quantities and retail, in India.

Satianu was launched as a retail start-up to cater to this need and provide authentic, unadulterated natural essential oils and aromatherapy products with transparency to the Indian audience. They aim to make people more aware of aromatherapy and encourage people to discover how aromatherapy and oils can become an extension of our lifestyle to naturally heal from problems that otherwise urges people to mostly pop in medications.

Aishwarya completed her perfumery course at Grasse Institute of Perfumery in France and Ashwini has done Scent designing in the UK. Both the stunningly stellar minds are on the constant expedition to explore the manifold depths of scent and empower people through aromatherapy and fragrances.

The Way Forward

Satianu aims to be one of the pioneers in aromatherapy in India, increasing awareness about aromatherapy and encouraging people to practice and to discover how aromatherapy and essential oils work.

The start-up ships across Pan India and to Dubai as well. It also has plans to launch more products under its banner soon, to make everyday aromatherapy easy to practice. Their amazing range of products can be found not only on their website but on multiple sources too such as Amazon, Goqii, Healthx247, Instagram & Facebook pages, and will soon be on YOUCARE Lifestyle and Flipkart.

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