Shruti Vyas Design – A design firm offering extraordinary design solutions that strike a delicate balance between beautiful aesthetics and functional utility

Design is an effective way of conveying your creative idea with the purpose of reaching out to the world and making a subtle yet significant difference. Whether it’s a home or a piece of furniture or a light, the design works only if it captures an idea that’s deceptively simple and relatable yet projected in an authentic and unique fashion.

Shruti Vyas Design

That’s exactly what interior designer Shruti Vyas strives to achieve with her multi-disciplinary design firm that works in diverse areas ranging from interiors, furniture and products to lighting. Launched 5 years back, Shruti Vyas Design is soon evolving into one of the most sought-after design firms, owing to its incredible passion for innovative designs and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Irrespective of the constraints related to the site, client requirements and the budget, the brand is determined to deliver nothing but the best!

How She Found Her Place Under the Sun

Shruti Vyas Design

Shruti’s success story is an amalgamation of patience, courage and hard work. After graduation, Shruti collaborated with another designer to gain better understanding of the nuances of design and to learn her craft. And she learnt pretty well. Soon, people began approaching her for designing their homes and offices. This allowed greater exposure to a wide range of work including interiors for homes, offices, hospitals and conceptual boutiques. Backed by tremendous learning and experience of 8 years, Shruti felt the time was right for her to set-up her own firm.

Thus, at the age of 30, the gutsy designer singlehandedly established her dream venture and worked for two years alone, as a ‘one-man army’. Shruti points out “Now we’re a team of 5 people, working on 15 projects in Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Rajkot.”

“Design is so simple. That’s why it’s so complicated.” ~ Paul Rand

Shruti Vyas Design

Shruti Vyas Design is a design firm and consultancy studio merged into one, offering not just lock and key solutions but also “distinctive spaces that enhance the vision of the client” and meticulously designed products that “fulfill functional requirements while touching the subconscious of the consumer or the occupant”. Moreover, here you can expect creative guidance and detailed project management services. It caters to diverse industries encompassing residential complexes, healthcare and hospitality sector and retail.

Shruti explains “Basically we provide full service in the interior space. Ours is a very transparent system that promises to execute each of the proposed designs with 95% accuracy.”

The firm boasts of an exclusive clientele which includes some renowned industrialists from Rajkot. Moreover, it is also designing home interiors for a cricket personality.

Designing the future of her dreams

Shruti Vyas Design

In the span of five years, Shruti’s design studio has grown by leaps and bounds, all thanks to the painstaking efforts of its founder and her team of dedicated professionals. From a handful of projects, the studio is now handling more than 15 projects and aspires to expand in multiple cities like Bangalore, Kolkata and Hyderabad. Given the demands of the times, the company is eyeing the hotels, resorts and restaurant segment too.

“We modify, we modulate, we learn something new”

Shruti Vyas Design

Before wrapping up the conversation, Shruti adds “It feels wonderful to know that each day, we’re trying to explore, learn and grow as an individual and as an organization. We’re giving our best and that’s what really matters in the end.”

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