GIRL WHO LOVES PINK – How doodling as a hobby turned into a full time and highly innovative e-gifting enterprise.

Imagine this story! A marketing and communication professional gets bored during board meetings and entertains herself with her doodling skills. She soon realizes that WOW some of these doodles have turned out really well, so why not market the art!  This is exactly what Radhika Mittal experienced and then motivated enough she turned entrepreneur with GIRL WHO LOVES PINK!


Radhika started her gifting enterprise in 2020 with a small investment of INR 20,000/-. Doodling was just something she did, and because she wanted to have them all in one place she got her website up and running and showcased them over there. Casually doodling on glass jars and making lamps out of them to gift her work place friends and also making eye catching coasters were what she did initially. But the real deal began when Radhika started to get into printing her doodle designs and making diaries, coasters and bookmarks which soon became bestsellers! This got the brand noticed and transformed GIRL WHO LOVES PINK into a full-fledged gifting enterprise! Today it is one of the best known brands marketing quirky and beautiful art in the form of utility products for home and work.

The second COVID wave opened up just another art avenue…


After doing well till 2020, the second wave obviously hampered the whole business. But then Radhika started designing face masks which became almost like a fashion statements. She even got orders to customize the designs.  Today GIRL WHO LOVES PINK is a flourishing enterprise known for its unique offerings of Bookmarks, Calendars, Coasters, Personal Diaries, Greeting Cards, Mobile Covers and Pop Sockets, Multipurpose Mats, Note Pads, Playing Cards, Pocket Notepads, Travel Tags, Wall Art, Gifts and more!

What’s so truly unique of every single product is that every drawing is hand drawn on Pen & Paper and then reproduced on print as per a client’s request. Gorgeous flowers, intricate mandalas, forest foliage, swirls and curves, abstracts, butterflies, Aztec influences, neon strokes all these designs find expression on different media.


The mission statement, or shall we say the mindset that drives Radhika, is that she wants to give every single customer a customized gifting option at a very affordable budget. She wants her customers to understand art and also wants to partner them to pick and choose gifts for themselves or for someone else. What is important for her is to create things that match the client’s personality so the gift looks really thoughtful, beautiful as well as useful.

Building a strong online presence the next growth benchmark…


Radhika realizes that in this age of “surf-click-buy” a valid, robust and smart online presence is an absolute must. After having got the opportunity to build a very responsive connect with her clients through Instagram the next step up is to build a presence on all the major ecommerce portals. The intention being to cater to a wider global audience as well as enhance the design offering in the inventory.

Click here to visit the website and to show your love and support for this very talented womanpreneur!


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