THE KALAA STORE – This woman entrepreneur is empowering artists and reviving handicrafts in India.

Art can have a great influence on people. The story of Isha Singh – the founder of THE KALAA STORE – is one such brush stroke of fate that changed things around. Once, while still working for a leading bank in the United States, Isha accompanied her mother, who is an artist, to an art exhibition at a museum. Here she met young emerging artists and while talking to them found that they had no reliable platform to showcase and market their work. With an intention to give hidden talent a genuine space, she started a gallery called Art Laureate. Simultaneously Isha also started working in communities with women to help them promote their skills. At her enterprise, THE KALAA STORE, women are given the opportunity to present and commercially market their handicraft. It is an outlet for the talent of artisans from various parts of India and the enterprise also holds regular training camps to help them keep up with trends.

A stepping stone to the marketplace for artisans…


Isha defines her role here, as the person who partners with artists and artisans to find a profitable market. The intention being to create a respectable and sustainable livelihood channel, tapping into creative talent.  The products at THE KALAA STORE are unique because they are created with a zero waste concept. “Promoting Sustainability through Ethical Aesthetics” is the belief that is at  work here. Every little piece of thread is upcycled into beautiful home furnishings and resort wear. The portfolio includes canvas paintings, plants, fiberglass and metal sculptures, kitsch art collectibles, macrame cushions, throws, runners, baskets, table mats and apparel.

Building self-reliance and sustainable livelihood for women


Isha assists the Livelihood Project at CURE – The Centre for Urban and Rural Excellence – under the Ford Intervention for Women Empowerment Programme, providing up-skilling and training to women from urban slums. The Self Help Group working with The Kalaa Store is known as “Kaala Sakhi” – friend of art and the artist – it is wholly women centric. It seeks to build confidence in every woman associated with it and help them generate livelihood through their unique crafts.

THE KALAA STORE, based in Delhi, ships pan India as well as globally.  Going beyond just providing basic sustenance, the long-term focus is on sustainability, zero waste and going green.


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