Sai Guru Collections: This Bridal Rental Jewellery Venture is Every Indian Bride’s Dream Come True

As one of the world’s most religiously and ethnically diverse lands, India boasts of unique, culturally rich wedding ceremonies that run from elegant and sophisticated to beautifully intricate. Part of the complexity stems from the concept that when an Indian couple marries, entire families and communities are involved. This means typical Indian weddings have numerous functions each complete with its own meaning that dates back centuries. An Indian bride is the epicenter of this event making her the most important part of the festivities.

Everything about the bride, be it her outfit, makeup, hairstyle and jewellery must be outstanding. Families leave no stone unturned in ensuring that this is the happiest day of their daughter’s life. Jewellery plays an important role in the journey of a bride and brides often deck up in their traditional best on their wedding day. With rising costs and an increasing rate of inflation, jewellery is a huge expense that can be a great stressor while planning a wedding. Enter Sai Guru Collections. This Bangalore-based start-up provides bridal jewellery on a rental basis as well as for buying.

Sai Guru Collections – Bejeweled Business

Twenty-nine-year-old founder Sunitha was a civil engineer working in a reputed corporate when she gave birth to her child and decided to quit her job to start her own business. With an initial capital of ten thousand rupee in 2019, she began purchasing bridal jewellery directly from manufacturers. This helped her reduce costs and re-sell her items to brides as well as bridesmaids.

“I think weddings are an expensive affair and with the pressure on brides to look their best, the amount of money spent on these 2 or 3 days is enormous. Most jewellery is worn only once on the wedding day and then lies in the locker the rest of the time. So I thought what if brides could rent the jewellery for these few days and then return it without having to bear the huge cost of purchasing?” shares Sunitha.

Take Your Pick

Sai Guru Collection offers a plethora of options for brides to choose from. Traditionally brides wear necklaces, earrings, bangles, headpieces, and rings on their wedding day and Sai Guru offers each item with numerous options to select from. These pieces are created either in a gold matte finish or an antique finish depending on the client’s preference. These pieces have been adorned with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, pearls and so on to give every bride the most perfect look possible.

Since its inception Sai Guru Collections has amassed more than 700 orders and undertakes orders through its Instagram page as well. It showcases all the various offerings of the brand and also offers these pieces for sale. “I want the brand to increase its reach and become a one-stop destination for bridal jewellery. We want to make every bride’s dream come true when it comes to jewellery and for this, we look to offer the newest and most fashionable pieces possible. From chokers to rani haars, danglers to studs, maang tikkas to mathapati we want each piece to reflect the intricacy and craftsmanship of Indian artisans,” shares Sunitha.

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