WEAVED BY RAINBOW – Everything you need to know about the exceptional weaves from north India

Life serves us with opportunities, it is upto us to make the most of it. Aayushi Jaiswal – founder WEAVED BY RAINBOW – has surely made the most of everything that came her way. Having completed her BBA MBA, post marriage she was on the lookout to engage herself in a productive enterprise.

As destiny would have it, since 1983, there was a family business for manufacturing and exporting handmade carpets and rugs. Aayushi was fascinated by how well the carpets were designed and after understanding what the business is all about, decided that why not start marketing the carpets right here in India itself!

This triggered her line of business WEAVED BY RAINBOW and she built a robust online portal to make them available.


What is so unique of every carpet woven here is that they are all completely handcrafted. Men and Women both contribute towards it. Nature has blessed women with the patience and skill to deftly open various yarns. After this, it is the men who take over the task of knotting them together to create beautiful carpets. Child labor is a strict NO NO. Instead, if the husband and wife both work here, WEAVED BY RAINBOW ensures that the kids get an education!

There’s a certain charm in handwoven carpets that has to be seen, felt and experienced… guaranteed to floor you !

Not many realise it, but a fine carpet or an attractive rug, can make a really big difference to the ambience and add a rich luxurious vibe to spaces be it homes, offices, luxury hotels and resorts, private luxe residences and more.

WEAVED BY RAINBOW offers an exquisite range of carpets, handmade by the traditional artisans of Bhadohi. Made from fibres of Wool, Cotton, Jute, Silk and Viscose the process involves different knotting techniques like Hand-Tufted, Hand-Knotted, Handloom, Flat Weave & Dhurries and also Shaggy. Simply run your hands over one, stand barefeet or sit down on one,and you will really understand how comfortable such luxury can be.

With wonderful patterns created in abstracts, traditional motifs, bold colors, woven stripes, geometric designs, polychromatic carpets, tribal patterns and even rugs created specially for children’s play room, the range speaks of a subtle elegance, true class and a richness that elevates every space, to look even more lavish and inviting.

Changing perceptions and making a place in every home…

Post covid things are looking up for the brand. It has made ambitious plans to penetrate the market by approaching the main influencers in this catergory i.e. the interior designeres. WEAVED BY RAINBOW is also focusing on building a rapport premium décor stores, high net worth individuals as well as developers who offer ready to move in furnished homes.

In its quest to reach out to a select universe of customers it is also doing something very critical– changing perceptions. Says Aayushi, “People think hand made carpets are expensive and machine made carpets are better and cheaper too. But the fact is handmade carpets last longer and a lot of art and efforts go into making in.” WEAVED BY RAINBOW with these initiatives, aims to reach out to more and more homes and add to the beauty of interiors.

Click here https://www.instagram.com/weaved.carpets/ to discover the art that is ready to be rolled out at a space of your choice.

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