PEP NAILS: Nailing the Future of Affordable, Stylish, and Long-Lasting Nails!

While fingernails may seem like a small canvas to some, they serve as a creative outlet and a means of personal expression for women. Yet, women frequently encounter a common dilemma: nail fashion can be time-consuming and financially demanding.

The challenge is clear: How can one achieve stunning nails without turning the process into a laborious chore? This is where innovation and convenience come into play, striving to provide women with a fashionable, cost-effective, and time-efficient solution.

Enter PEP NAILS, a pioneering nail fashion enterprise founded by Niranjan Avhad and Sonam. The genesis of this venture traces back to Sonam’s high school days when she ardently desired to grow her nails, only to be plagued by biting or breakage. Her introduction to fake and press-on nails became a game-changer.

However later, the hurdle she faced was sourcing high-quality nail designs within India. Her overseas travels unveiled readily available and beautifully crafted alternatives. This revelation sparked a profound idea – that countless woman, like herself, sought budget-friendly, convenient, and user-friendly nail options. Thus, was born PEP NAILS an enterprise to make trendy designs accessible without straining budgets or compromising natural nails.

Nails that are just perfect for play, work, or leisure

“Pep Nails is the ultimate nail haven for fashion-forward women who are as passionate about their nail game as we are. No matter your mood or style preferences, our products always deliver quality and craftsmanship that effortlessly blend comfort and style, catering to your every nail need.” Mentions a confident Sonam.

PEP NAILS offers a diverse selection of Soft Gel Press On Nails and ABS nails, boasting a stunning array of colors, textures, styles, shapes, and lengths. The collection includes accent nails featuring captivating designs, prints, rhinestones, glitter, metallic finishes, and more, all neatly bundled in a single set of 24 nails.

To ensure you have everything you need for a seamless application, the nail prep kit includes essential tools like a cuticle pusher, nail filer, alcohol swab, piercing needle, nail buffer, glue, and a sheet of 24 glue tabs.

In answer to the question as to why should someone choose PEP NAILS Sonam says

“Indulge in the luxury of salon-quality nails without the premium price tag. Our reusable nails not only offer significant cost savings but also maintain their stunning appearance for an impressive 2-3 weeks. With a complete set of 24 nails, achieving that perfect and natural fit is effortless, and the application and removal take just 10 minutes. Moreover, our nails are thoughtfully designed to be non-damaging, ensuring your nail transformation is both simple and worry-free.”

Creating a modern, fashion-centric space offering the ultimate in luxurious nail makeover

Over a period of time, PEP NAILS has proudly served over 50,000 customers. The ultimate aim is to continue to create an attractive destination and nurture trust. “I want our customers to confidently choose our press-on nails, knowing they’ve made the right choice on the very first try. We’re committed to not only enhancing affordability but also elevating the quality and user-friendliness of our products.” Says Sonam.

PEP NAILS is firmly set on the path of growth and its long-term goal is to establish itself as a brand that is the preferred, go-to choice for women who believe that their nails are an extension of their fashion statement.

In the next five years, PEP NAILS looks forward to consolidating a strong presence in India and expanding the business into various countries, both online and offline. Another branch of growth is to establish an online presence on major e-commerce platforms like Nykaa, Flipkart, and Myntra, taking the products to a wider audience.

Furthermore, it is also looking forward to the exciting prospect of creating an international presence, serving customers across borders.

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