AESTHETEE – Crafting Meaningful Connections, One Thoughtful Gift at a Time

The journey of AESTHETEE, founded by Hiral Jain, is a shining example of how a simple creative impulse can evolve into a flourishing and purposeful business. Hiral’s personal narrative perfectly embodies this transformation. It all began with a spontaneous idea – she created an Instagram account and shared a mesmerizing reel featuring her hand-painted illustrations. Unexpectedly, this led to a potential client reaching out, which marked a pivotal moment in the young entrepreneur’s journey.

Hiral set out on her entrepreneurial path at the age of 16, initially operating under the name “Waytoartt.” However, she encountered technical challenges, particularly with her posts being removed repeatedly. This prompted a rebranding, giving birth to “AESTHETEE.” Today, Hiral’s creative talents shine through as she expertly crafts both intricate and minimalist designs, reflecting the core identity of her brand.

The growing social media following and the authentic feedback that AESTHETEE receives after delivering its products serve as a wellspring of inspiration for Hiral. These responses drive her to innovate and convey heartfelt messages through her thoughtfully crafted gifts. More than just a brand, AESTHETEE serves as a conduit for fostering meaningful connections, embodying Hiral’s entrepreneurial spirit and creative artistry.

There is meaning in every little element and every little message that makes gifting from AESTHETEE so memorable

AESTHETEE is synonymous with the art of turning every gift-giving occasion into an unforgettable and cherished moment. Their constant endeavor is to create exquisite personalized items that not only exude beauty but also encapsulate the love and dedication invested in their creation. Their product offerings serve as a testament to this unwavering commitment.

AESTHETEE specializes in vintage-style letters embellished with elegant calligraphy, dried flowers, and photographs. They also offer hand-painted canvas greetings, paintings, and phone cases adorned with mixed media art, all of which add a unique and special touch to any gift. Their artistic repertoire extends to personalized scrapbooks, greeting cards, journaling books, and flap cards enhanced with photographs, handwritten messages, dried flowers, and more.

In addition to these offerings, AESTHETEE provides mirror photograph frames, resin keychains, preserved flowers, and a diverse range of captivating options. Notably, their customized frames, available in various finishes and sizes, stand out as bestsellers. Hiral’s expertise truly shines in her ability to expertly blend photographs, messages, and artistic elements around these frames, turning them into genuine works of art. Even the packaging designed to deliver these heartfelt sentiments reflects a touch of sophistication.

Furthermore, the brand offers a practical solution in the form of ready-to-use frames that can accommodate urgent orders. This eliminates the waiting period for customization, allowing customers to affix their pictures to the frames upon receipt – a convenient and ingenious feature, especially for those who value privacy and efficiency.

Clients trust AESTHETEE not only for their exceptional products but also for the delightful gift hampers personally curated and customized by Hiral herself. She engages with her clients to create unique, elegantly minimalist, and classy gift options. So, the next time you’re in search of something distinctive that radiates sophistication and charm, you know where to turn for making your gifts truly meaningful to your loved ones.

Creating a space where every gift evokes joy and creates connection

Under the creative leadership and business acumen of Hiral, AESTHETEE is catering to clients all over India, successfully handling over 500 orders and constantly evolving.

While navigating the business landscape, AESTHETEE has faced certain challenges as customers have openly shared their opinions about the brand’s products. Some have considered them to be on the expensive side, while others have raised concerns about product quality given the affordable prices. Nevertheless, Hiral has come to recognize that what truly matters is her profound understanding of the products, their quality, and the craftsmanship that goes into them.

The brand’s vision revolves around becoming the preferred source for innovative, personalized, and meaningful gift solutions. The ultimate objective is to create a world where every gift exchanged sparks joy, fortifies relationships, and leaves a lasting positive impact on both the giver and the recipient. Looking ahead to the next five years, Hiral’s aspiration is to establish AESTHETEE as a leading player in the realm of unique, individualized, and heartfelt gift solutions that redefine the art of gifting.

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