COMMNSENS: Fashioning Dreams into Sustainable Realities. A Stylish Journey of Conscious Innovation.

In the journey from childhood fantasies to grown-up ambitions, it’s a rare and beautiful thing when dreams take tangible form.

Priyanka Putti’s achievement of launching her sustainable fashion brand, COMMNSENS, in April 2022 at the age of 25, represents the culmination of her profound desire to leave a significant mark in the world of sustainable fashion.

During her childhood, Priyanka often immersed herself in fashion magazines, envisioning a future as a fashion enthusiast. However, a career in the fashion industry initially appeared impractical, leading her to pursue a career as a financial analyst. Nevertheless, her creative passion continued to burn brightly, and she frequently shared her creative talents with friends and family. Over time, she recognized that her true calling was to establish her own fashion label, and she made a courageous decision to leave her job and follow her heart.

In her quest for fashion innovation, Priyanka embarked on a mission to redefine the fashion landscape. She initiated this transformation by diving deep into the environmental impact of various fabrics, recognizing the urgent need for “common sense” in today’s fashion choices. This revelation ultimately gave birth to her brand, COMMNSENS, which perfectly aligns with the growing imperative for a more environmentally conscious and sustainable future in the fashion industry.

With unwavering confidence, Priyanka took on a multitude of challenges, including raising awareness, sourcing sustainable, plant-based fabrics, obtaining relevant certifications, and establishing efficient supply chains and manufacturing processes. As a result, she is now firmly on her path to revolutionize the fashion industry, turning it into a more environmentally responsible and eco-conscious entity.

Fashion that makes you look good and makes your conscience feel good too!

At COMMNSENS, Priyanka offers a diverse selection of gender-neutral clothing options, including dresses, pants, shirts, and tops, all crafted from sustainable, plant-based fabrics. This empowers customers to make environmentally conscious fashion choices.

The brand showcases a fantastic variety of designs that feature unique and captivating color combinations. Their goal is to engage and captivate younger generations who might have previously considered eco-friendly clothing to be uninteresting or dull. In addition to classic designs, COMMNSENS offers a range of vibrant and lively bold prints to cater to the diverse tastes of GEN Z.

Explore the collections, such as the exquisite DREAMY FLOW, meticulously fashioned from TENCEL, a plant-based fabric, showcasing vibrant marble shirts, A-line dresses with zero necklines and gracefully draped knots, comfortable pants, charming mini dresses, and more. The LUCID LOTUS collection, featuring Lotus Silk fabric, reveals body jumpsuits, skirts, tops, cowl tops, jackets, bralettes, and pants, all in delicate hues of pink. For those seeking dreamy modal satin shirts, halter neck dresses, caligo pants, cropped shirts, and other covetable fashion statements, the CELESTIAL collection is the go-to link.

COMMNSENS pays meticulous attention to detail not only during the production process but also in the use of renewable and biodegradable materials for post-product delivery. This commitment to environmentally friendly materials ensures that their fashion line is eco-conscious from start to finish.

“The sustainability wave is reaching new heights, and more and more folks are jumping on board, investing in mindful brands like COMMNSENS.” Shared Priyanka.

Creating fashion with a heart that beats with sustainability

At COMMNSENS, the whole world is a marketplace. The brand has successfully fulfilled over 1,000 orders till now, and the secure E-commerce platform allows customers to shop and receive orders from anywhere.

A glimpse into the fashion looking glass, foresees the brand harboring a vision of nurturing an honest to goodness sustainable clothing brand. Harnessing cutting-edge technology with intelligence and thriving on innovation, COMMNSENS intends to explore the domain of biodegradable fabrics and lab-grown leather, in the process redefining the standard for eco-friendly to shop and receive orders from anywhere.

An interesting offshoot of the venture are its efforts to nurture a community by way of educational programs, workshops, and collaborations that cultivate a deeper understanding of eco-conscious living. Collaborating with organizations and policymakers too is something that is being explored to make a measurable difference.andard for eco-friendly fashion.

A comprehensive take-back and recycling program, local sourcing, waste reduction and ethical production are all purposes to make the world not just more stylish, but also more conscientious.

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