Mystic Studiio: A contemporary jewelry and resin art brand, born out of passion for exploring art.

“Jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique.” ~ Jennie Kwon

Each piece of jewelry is a subtle manifestation of who we are and how we choose to present ourselves to the world. Besides being a fashion statement, jewelry imbibes a form of self-expression that allows our individuality to shine through. Launched in August 2022 by Madhuri, Mystic Studiio is a contemporary jewelry and resin art store churning out beautiful, handcrafted jewelry at affordable prices. Through her maiden venture Mystic Studiio, Madhuri intends to build an enduring legacy that would inspire her daughter and other young girls to work hard towards achieving their dreams.

When passion becomes profession and much more

It’s not everyday that you see someone successfully turning his/her passion into a profession. But that’s how Madhuri’s story plays out. Madhuri began her career as a science teacher at Bhavan Vidyalaya, worked there for a few months but soon quit owing to her dedicated involvement in her husband’s jewelry shop. Gradually a boutique named Sanskriti was set up. It was during this time her younger child was born. Being a premature child, she needed undivided attention which consequently took a heavy toll on Madhuri’s physical and mental well-being. Madhuri decided to give up her work and focus solely on family. But as fate would have it, the feisty woman couldn’t stay away from art for too long.

Art has always had a significant presence in Madhuri’s life. And she resumed art with full fervor when her younger child turned 16. Be it screen printing, block printing or canvas painting, she gained expertise in different mediums. Madhuri continues “Then I came across resin art and started learning the craft by watching numerous videos. This was followed by a course on resin in Australia.”

Upon the suggestion of her little one Rashi, Madhuri began to channelise her potential to create miniature products including bookmarks, resin jewelry. The positive response from all quarters encouraged her to create resin jewelry. Thus she established the jewelry business at the age of 47 and eventually launched a website too. At 50, she’s a successful artist and entrepreneur who is proud to say “I’ve never felt happier than I do, running my business with my husband and two daughters as my constant support system.”

What Mystic Studiio has got for you

Mystic Studiio offers a wide variety of resin art and resin jewelry including small resin pieces and imitation jewelry. Besides being fully handmade, each jewelry piece is hypoallergenic, anti tarnish, shower proof, sweat proof and water proof. Stainless steel jewelry is outsourced from Hong Kong, Italy, Malaysia, and China. Minimalistic pendants, stunning necklaces, elegant earrings and beautiful 18k gold plated rings – there’s no dearth of good stuff here. Moreover, you’ll find gorgeous feather bookmarks crafted with clear resin and metallic. They are washable, lightweight, durable and affordable. The products are shipped all over India and abroad in countries like the USA and Australia.

Showing the way with grit and determination

Madhuri’s dream venture is already off to a brilliant start with orders pouring in at frequent intervals. Having beaten all odds to achieve her dreams, Madhuri hopes her journey will inspire others to believe age is just a number and nothing can hold you back if you truly go for your goals. She is looking forward to taking Mystic Studiio to greater heights, especially in India and Australia.

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