Nangai Jewel Boutique: This Costume Jewellery Brand Has You Sorted For Festive Season.

As one of the world’s most religiously and ethnically diverse lands, India boasts of unique, culturally rich wedding ceremonies that run from elegant and sophisticated to beautifully intimate. Part of the complexity stems from the concept that when an Indian couple marries, entire families and     communities are involved. This means typical Indian weddings have numerous functions each complete with its own meaning that dates back centuries. An Indian bride is the epicenter of this event making her the most important part of the festivities.

Everything about the bride, be it her outfit, makeup, hairstyle and jewellery must be outstanding. Families leave no stone unturned in ensuring that this is the happiest day of their daughter’s life. Jewellery plays an important role in the journey of a bride and brides often deck up in their traditional best on their wedding day. Every body part is dressed in some sort of jewellery thus making her the centre of attention. Brides wear necklaces, earrings, bangles, rings, maang tiika and many more items to celebrate this special day.

A Girl’s Best Friend

In recent times, imitation jewellery has gained tremendous traction, making it a preferred choice for Indian brides. Enter Nangai Jewel Boutique, a costume jewellery brand that aims to adorn every woman with the best selection of handcrafted jewellery. A qualified software engineer, founder Alagu Priya was looking for an opportunity where she could channel her passion and also be a part of a woman’s festivities. So on 8th February 2021, with an initial capital of Rs 15,000, Nangai Jewel Boutique was launched.

“We offer premium quality jewellery with a wide range of unique designs at an affordable price point. We have placed consumer satisfaction at the core of our business and strive to make our clients happy with our products. Our lightning fast delivery has garnered the love of our clients,” says the founder.

A one woman show, the idea of Nangai came to Priya when she was attending her cousins wedding. She was on the hunt for good quality jewellery pieces that would complement her look. “I ordered jewellery from a successful Instagram business, but the product I received was of poor quality, and I couldn’t wear it for my cousin’s wedding. So that triggered me a thought as to, what if I do the same business but with premium quality products that customers will fall in love with. That was the spark.” Priya told The Business Press.

So Priya decided to create her own brand that would give women a wide range of jewellery options that can help them put their most fashionable foot forward.

Though she manages everything for her business, there is always a man who keeps pushing her to do things she loves, her husband Chandru. Without him, taking up a new venture and striving hard would not be possible.

Running a small business, creating content for Instagram, shooting your product pictures, managing home and a full time job would not be really possible without her husband’s support.

“As a small business owner I am enjoying this journey I am put through and would love to keep exploring and reaching new heights in my business.” says the founder.


“Though I am the sole founder I have huge support from my husband and my family, who keep pushing me to do the best.  Even though I am not a photographer, I had to learn photography to enhance my photos and ensure that they look appealing to the clients. I had to learn how to light my products well and also how to post on my Instagram page to gain more followers. In short, I am peon to president,” claims Priya.

Currently, the brand offers its products through its website and also provides pan India shipping. It has successfully fulfilled 10-20 orders per month since inception and enjoys positive feedback from its clients. Its collection of South Indian themed jewellery is a crowd favourite and a best seller. Nangai aims to position itself as a one stop shop for all your jewellery needs and would like to constantly innovate in this field.


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