JIGSAW THINKING – Coaching entrepreneurs to put them on the right track to achieving their economic stability and business goals.

Always wanting to be an entrepreneur, Raashid gleaned the key learnings from his Business School in the UK, his experience in strategic consulting at Accenture (London) and analyzed his own stumbling blocks when he kick started his venture. Having realized the paucity of professional advice while starting a self-driven business, Raashid decided to make this gap his key business proposition. 

Today JIGSAW THINKING is democratizing access to professional, result oriented business coaching by opening its doors to its knowledge portals and building a community of self-starters.  It is a transformational space that is schooling passionate self-starters to discover and follow the clearest path towards their goals.

At the heart of every single service and solution lies the best interests of the entrepreneur…


At JIGSAW THINKING the ENTREPRENEUR is not just another individual. 

“What we see and also what we work with is the individual, and along with it their dreams, their ambitions and of course their business model.” Says Raashid.

JIGSAW THINKING is today a magnet for small businesses owners who seek professional mindset building and hand holding, to fast track their growth plans. The brand is a business coach, friend and guide minus the stuffy corporate hierarchy. It offers time tested and market validated tools and processes, to shift businesses into action mode the moment they are onboard. 

With JIGSAW HQ, LABS@JIGSAW LABS, JIGSAW LIBRARY and JIGSAW COMMUNITY as its focal offering – the brand has nurtured a whole generation of successful entrepreneurs who are experiencing exhilarating creative and financial freedom. 

JIGSAW HQ is full of those advice enriched pockets of know how and do how. LABS@JIGSAW brings you advice on Strategy, Sales, Customer experience and Team Building. JIGSAW LIBRARY is of course the updated knowledge archive made up of podcasts, case studies and more. JIGSAW COMMUNITY is where the cool gang hangs out to serve up genuine advice and network.

A truly value laden HQ MEMBERSHIP fee of Rs.12,500/- gives the solopreneur access to high quality business coaching, plus the backing of a vibrant community that is always rooting for each other. 

A mission not just of growth, but of tangible transformation and rewarding success…


It’s been about 3 years since the inception of this venture, driven by the ambition to be a powerful Knowledge Centre for Entrepreneurs, set forth with a business blue print that combined experience, innovation and tangible solutions for diverse enterprises. Having successfully advised and guided 1000 self-starters, the larger mission is to create a win-win partnership with 10,000 self-starters. 

“I want JIGSAW THINKING to be the flag bearer of a trustworthy business partnership, acting like a compass to every solopreneur and setting them on the path to achieve and even surpass business and personal goals.” Says a confident Raashid with his trademark smile. 

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