The Balcony Palette- Paintings That Adds The Perfect Look To Your Space

The Balcony Palette

“Painting is an illusion, a piece of magic, so what you see is not what you see.”-Philip Guston. 

“A painting is never finished – it simply stops in interesting places.” – Paul Gardner 

Paintings Are Still The Strongest Ways Of Expressing The Unspoken 

The Balcony Palette

Around the world, art has stood the test of time. In India, paintings comprise 99% of the art market. Indian households, which earlier used to have paintings of religious significance to adorn their walls, have now grown a taste for exotic themes. 

When it comes to artwork, every artist has his style of painting – be it impressionist, expressionist, abstract, the Tanjore and Madhubani styles of painting, or even the traditional Maori style – and every piece of art has a story behind it, behind the style and theme. Given the rising popularity of art in Indian homes, paintings are a great business opportunity. While volumes remain low, there are decent margins to be made in imports of hand-made paintings, be it high-end exclusive pieces or low-priced machine or hand-made lookalikes that adorn the walls of regular Indian homes. 

The Balcony Palette

Bringing such unique & mesmerizing paintings to adorn your living spaces with a dash of dynamism, vibrancy & aesthetics is a startup firm called The Balcony Palette founded by Priyanka K in 2022. The brand offers acrylic paintings, sketch paintings and illustrative paintings depicted both on canvas & sheets. They have also launched bookmark products and also developing art forms with various mediums. 

From Ideation To Execution- The Founder’s Story & Vision

The Balcony Palette

Priyanka was always drawn to paintings since her childhood days and her studies and graduation kept her busy with academic routines. It was only in 2016 that she followed her passion back again & undertook painting different art forms. This unplanned entrepreneurship started taking it took its full bloom with affirmations & appreciation from family and friends who encouraged her to portray the collections at art exhibitions and reach out to the masses through social media. It was only in the year 2022 that this budding & talented 24-year businesswoman launched her brand “The Balcony Palette”. With a small investment in sketchbooks and acrylic colours, she set out on a journey of following an occupation that defined her skills and nurtured her dreams. Within a short span, her Instagram account got flooded with appreciation and client reviews, positive responses and consistent orders. The brand has happily painted the lives of 21+ art lovers with its vibrant hues and beautiful sketched paintings on different canvases. 

The Balcony Palette

Five years down the line, the brand envisions not only growing double in terms of market share & revenues but also creating goodwill and gaining mindshare. Reaching out to customers and making an impression in their hearts with their paintings is another imperative goal the brand aims to achieve. 

Painting Is An Opportune Space But Has Its Share Of Flips Too 

The Balcony Palette

In today’s world, where India is seeing a whopping upturn in sales, contemporary artists are finding difficulty in selling their paintings. Selling the paintings is more of a problem for those artists who are a novice. It is so probably because art enthusiasts and collectors are flooded with various kinds of paintings and artefacts to choose from. The options are so many that the works of the new and emerging contemporary artists get overlooked or go unnoticed because of the works of the established artists.

The Balcony Palette

Sharing her experiential journey from 2016 till 2022 when she launched her brand, Priyanka states, “Earlier when I started in 2016, I uploaded my painting on different art selling platforms and did not get great responses from sites that allow artists to sell their paintings. My friends & family encouraged me a lot, and after consistent efforts, I tried my luck on Instagram keeping a daily eye on trends, customer preferences and responses. As an artist, taking photographs and photoshoots and handling multiple things has been a herculean task. While capturing the exact painting the way it is with a camera lens, I personally don’t feel satisfied because the exact beauty of the painting is very difficult to capture. As always, I view art from the customer’s point of view while selling and while painting I am an artist with liberty of thoughts. It was only gradually that I understood the intricacies of the photos and made sure that whatever I painted using colours of different shades should look exactly the way it got depicted in pictures. All the challenges helped me get better in my work and now I have customers who are elated & satisfied with my work and I curate my work according to their needs.” 

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