HATHKALA – Reviving ancient handloom woven garments – because our rich heritage deserves to be preserved

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Beautiful childhood memories can lead to something really wonderful. This is how Noopur Chaturved felt inspired to start HATHKALA – a contemporary fashion label that is nurturing the fine art of bringing handwoven garments into the mainstream fashion of today.

Noopur started this enterprise after graduating from NIFT at the age of 24, with a modest budget of INR 50K. It was the visuals of her childhood in Chhatarpur- a small town near Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh – where she used to see weavers carrying bundles of exquisite handmade sarees on their heads and go from house to hose to sell, that got her interested in setting up the enterprise.

Interestingly Chanderi Sarees have a heritage that date back to the 13th or 14th century AD and the idea of preserving something so deep rooted in culture is really commendable! Today HATHKALA is slowly, steadily and sincerely investing in building an enviable portfolio of sarees, kurta salwar sets, handwoven co-ords set, blouses and more.

Handwoven elegance that is timeless… a classic that will never go out of fashion…

According to Noopur, “ The ultimate aim of HATHKALA is to create really minimal, comfy and classic clothing that goes beyond fickle fads and trends. Using time tested, traditional methods of hand weaving and hand printing, the brand intends to create truly slow, sustainable and truly heirloom quality of fashion.”

HATHKALA regulary unveils a stunning collection of slow fashion temptation – hand woven chanderi saree with dabka embroidery, maheshwari bandhni sarees, handwoven fabric block printed saree, bandhini kurtas, luxurious silk sarees, handwoven maheshwari saris with gorgeous, Ajrakh prints, vintage dual-toned chanderi silk saree, chanderi cotton silk sarees, kora fabric saree with hand-block printing, luxurious Mashru silk kurtas, chanderi cotton silk dupattas with beautiful block prints, chanderi silk saree with silver handwoven zari and whole lot more! Upscaling products from old sarees is also an activity that the brand does on a regular basis.

The uniqueness of every apparel at HATHKALA is that it is genuinely affordable and matched with great quality.

In its quest to be more mindful the brand has shifted from chemical dyes to natural dyes like hibiscus flower, turmeric and other spices. It follows eco-friendly packaging practices too.

Slow fashion that is not just sustainable…

Handloom has nowadays gained a lot of popularity among a very diverse audience who are conscious about what they wear. The excting contemporary prints, the color palette, the comfort- all have caught the fancy of even the younger generation. HATHKALA has proved that slow fashion does not mean boring ! In fact it is a way of supporting traditional craft, ensuring a steady livelihood for local weavers and also gives a big fillip to small local businesses.

HATHKALA delivers pan India and has today in a short span of time fulfilled more than 700 orders. Brand expansion via offline stores in cities like Mumbai and Delhi is what is next on the anvil.

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