Back To Nature- These women entrepreneurs are paving the way for a greener future with their innovative seed paper products.

“You are not helping the planet, you are not helping nature, you are the planet, you are nature, you are helping yourself.”- Bangambiki Habyarimana

A Sustainable Eco-Friendly Brand Creating That Ripple Effect

Nayna Bansal who hails from West Bengal and Rashika Bhutra from Rajasthan are not only business partners but also are the thickest of friends. Having done their BBA together in Bangalore and moving ahead with a job opportunity in Dubai in pre-Covid time was something on the cards for a few years. However, post-pandemic when they came back home, entrepreneurship was always their joint goal and especially rolling a business that was eco-friendly and sustainable.

The market for seed paper was booming and having researched the intricacies and conducted a six months trial to validate the success of growing plants through their seed papers, they finally launched their brand in the market. Their ideology “Don’t Throw, we can Grow” sends out a strong clear message that all biodegradables can be recycled instead of finding a way as dustbin trash and beautifully creating waste-generated seed papers. On the occasion of Republic Day, the brand sold one thousand plantable flags with the core focus being educating kids in schools and even the underprivileged kids to use plantable flags instead of plastic flags.

“Once the Republic Day celebrations are over, we usually saw flags being dumped on the sides of the roads. With plantable flags, we want to manage waste, reduce plastic and encourage planting trees. Post the Republic Day celebrations, all one has to do is to sow the flag in a pot full of soil, and with some water, sunlight & care, within four weeks, you’ll see seeds germinating.” says Nayna Bansal from Back to Nature.

Let’s All Make Earth Conscious Decisions

Awareness is picking up to drive change for our planet. Most of the trash that makes our landfill comprises plastic and other non-biodegradable materials that are used for packaging. It is not only in books and papers, but theoretical knowledge in schools, that as responsible citizens of planet earth, we should abandon plastic and also recycle and repurpose the wastes. A brand that implements this theory in practice as a responsible business partner is “Back To Nature”. Founded by Nayna Bansal & Rashika Bhutra in August 2021, the brand sells a whole gamut of products using seed papers which are recycled paper and cotton scraps from factory surplus textiles.

These seed papers are embedded with a variety of seeds such as basil, marigold, wildflowers, tomatoes etc to create mesmerizing eco-friendly products such as invitation cards, packaging boxes and gift papers, acknowledgement cards, visiting cards,brand tags, journals and many more. Their packaging essentials are just apt for enterprises that advocate environment-friendly zero-waste packaging. As all brands aim to go eco-friendly sooner or later, sustainable biodegradable packaging is sure to add a fillip to their business.

The Journey & Vision of the Eco-Warriors

The brand is reachable Pan India and they also get repeated orders from clients in Dubai & USA. Their bulk order for packaging for a candle brand in UAE or soap sleeves packaging order for a soap brand, and elegant pillow pouches for a jewellery brand are great testimonies to the trust and adoration this brand holds. They convert waste into their raw material and help start-up firms to incorporate the seed papers into their tagging. Their unique ideation during Diwali to convert flowers into eco-friendly diyas and embed seeds in crackers too is commendable. Isn’t it great to have plantable crackers, diyas and Lord Ganesha too! Curating such sustainable products out of waste and inspiring people to make a conscious choice that causes no harm to nature is the ultimate goal of the brand.

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