Here’s an Indian entrepreneur bringing to you the essence of Italian art through her ambitious venture, Italian Indo Art.

Italian Indo Art
Italy has been at the forefront of profound artistic, cultural and intellectual evolution since the turbulent times of European Renaissance. Here, scholars and artists are regarded with deep reverence and their creations are cherished for centuries. What makes Italian art (called Sospeso...

Paint It By Sanya – Beautiful artworks to make every space resonate with its intricate design and classy finish.

It takes a special kind of mindset to turn a challenging situation into a winning proposition. When Sanya Gandhi, who was working for 4 years in HR profile got married, she suddenly had a whole basket of responsibilities to face up to...

Amalfiee – Where Indian artisans handcraft elegant ceramic pieces, gracefully derived from earth, to bring the best of tableware to your homes.

Amalfiee Ceramics is an inspirational tale of its founder Praneeti Guha, discovering two new facets about her own personality. One is the Artist and the other is the Entrepreneur within herself. Quitting a high profile corporate career...

The Write House: The journey of a calligraphy artist who’s all set to revive the forgotten but fascinating art of calligraphy.

There's more to calligraphy than simply “beautiful writing”. It requires a great deal of skill and technique to inscribe the words in a manner that reflects aesthetic beauty and creative mastery. Though the demand for hand-penned intricate...

When it comes to picking up the right gift, you cannot go wrong with P.S. With Love’s uniquely curated, thoughtfully-designed gift hampers!

Ever met a person who frowns upon receiving a gift? Most likely you haven’t. That’s because no matter how bad our day has been or how boring our life may seem, we can’t resist a smile upon receiving a well-thought out gift from a...

ILLUSIONAL MACRAME: On a mission to empower women artists and create a platform to sell their art globally.

illusional macrame
A textile-crafting technique that traces its history back to Arabic weavers during the 13th century, Macrame uses decorative knots to finish the loose-ends of hand-woven textiles. Till date, it continues to adorn many homes as table-clothes, bedspreads, curtains and other decorative pieces....

Watch Nida beautify your home with gorgeous blooms that infuse joy and happiness into your dream abode

Imagine living in a home decked up with delightful paintings, capable of rekindling your senses and filling your heart with boundless joy and creativity. Often, amidst the drudgery of daily life, it’s the soul-stirring impact of art that reminds us how beautiful...

The Giving Trees- Where Shopping Goes The Moralistic Way

“Businesses need to go beyond the interests of their companies to the communities they serve.”- Ratan Tata The Social Entrepreneurship Initiatives - Balancing The Diverse Community Needs A social entrepreneur is...

Tulsi Resin Store: This sibling trio has established the best epoxy resin art supply brand in India

Tulsi Resin Store
Despite being around for more than half a century, it’s only recently that resin art has come into the mainstream market, capturing the attention of art lovers with its soothing aesthetics and timeless appeal. What started out as a creative exercise to...

Laffeyett Craft House– Into DIY Crafts? We’ve found a piece of paradise for you.

Who said success stories are written only in big towns? Small towns too have entrepreneurs that have big dreams and the courage to make them come true! Laffeyett Craft House founded by Dilna Fumzi, a 21 year old women entrepreneur, is one...



8 Tips That Can Make Or Break Your Start-up

1. Take risks and be willing to failFailure doesn’t preclude you from ultimately succeeding – in fact, it’s often a necessary step....