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Umrani Farms: A farming-based startup that has gained widespread adulation owing to its absolute natural ways of farming

umrani farms

“Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals and happiness” ~ Thomas Jefferson

Since the dawn of civilization, agriculture has been considered one of the wisest and noblest pursuits of men. Natural farming allows even the smallest and poorest of farmers to practice agriculture with minimal capital cost, minimal water usage and grow chemical-free food.  That’s what makes farming sustainable. In today’s age of cutting-edge technology, farming has undergone a sea change. However the essence remains the same.

Launched in January 1993 by Ranjit Patil and Nina Patil, Umrani Farms is a leading supplier of  Grapes, Raisins, and other Indian Fresh Produce to premium retailers across India and Europe.  They are Fairtrade certified grower-exporters with their own family-owned farms where they grow organic, wellness products such as Sorghum/Jowar, Maize, Moringa and Black Urad, all of which are also used to make bio – pesticides and organic manures of plant origin in Natural Farming. 

Sowing the seeds of change

umrani farms 4

The story began 26 years ago. The newly-wed couple Ranjit ( MBA , International Business ) and Nina ( Masters in Social Work ) wondered how they could add value to a family hobby, (rather than a cash crop), of growing grapes conventionally for the local market. They noticed how the conventional practice of growing grapes needed a lot of expensive chemicals and huge debts the farmers were incurring due to this.  This made them visit and research how other countries succeed on the world market and confidence that growing “poison free” grapes is possible without burning a hole in the pocket of small farmers. 

Ranjit’s father, then just retired from Maharashtra, Irrigation Department, stood firmly behind the couple as they took up the challenge of converting a drought prone area in Western Maharashtra into green, lush vineyards, along with the local women, as most men had migrated to urban areas in search of jobs. Today, a green revolution has taken place as the entire dry landscape has been converted into mini vineyards. Most of the women who started off on Umrani Farms ( and continue to do so ), have gone ahead and erected their own farms with technical assistance and through Natural Farming, which is widely propagated by the couple.

Umrani Farms : Modern-day take on farming

umrani farms

Umrani Farms is a name that has earned respect and trust of its consumers through decades of hard work. The motto is to serve “Quality without Compromise” through Innovation, Trust & Transparency. It’s known to deliver the best of quality using sustainable Natural Farming and cutting-edge Agri technology as per, industry-leading food-safety and traceability standards.

The products, most of which are internationally certified, are mainly sun-dried and chemical-free as the farm uses locally grown plants to make bio pesticides and organic manures to ensure 100% natural farming. Here sulphur bleaching, polishing , any process which drains away nutrition content of the produce, is a big no-no, so raisins are kept naturally dark brown and black and grains are at their au natural best.

Sustaining future goals

umrani farms

The brand UniGrape is much sought-after in international markets.  Since the last couple of years it’s natural, sun dried raisins are making a mark and the focus is on increasing the range of wellness products through natural farming.

Umrani Farms understands its social responsibility and believes in creating a positive influence on the world that goes beyond the calculation of profit-and-loss. In this regard, the brand organises widespread awareness campaigns and R&D sessions for promoting agriculture among today’s generation.

Signing off, the Umrani team says “We are confident you will taste the earthy sunshine and abundance of nature and positivity we put into our products.”

To know more visit – http://bit.ly/umranifarms

Visit their e-commerce website – www.umranifarms.in

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/umranifarms/

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Rajni’s Rasoi: How the simplicity and taste of delicious home-cooked food is making a winner out of a new startup

rajni's rasoi

“Cooking is at once one of the simplest and most gratifying of the arts, but to cook well one must love and respect food.” ~ Craig Claiborne

No matter how unique and diverse our choice of food is, at the end of the day, we all crave for that familiar aroma and delightful taste of simple, fuss-free home-cooked food. As they say “happiness is homemade”. Recognising the irreplaceable bond that Indians share with home-cooked food, many startups have come up with delivery services that pander to the gastronomic needs of people longing for delicious ghar-ka-khana.

Launched in May 2020, amidst a growing pandemic, Rajni’s Rasoi is an emerging startup that is becoming increasingly popular among Mumbaikars thanks to its founder Rajni Kothari who takes great pleasure in feeding people to their heart’s content.

How it all began

rajni's rasoi

Prior to donning the chef’s hat, Rajni worked as a fashion designer for the past 25 odd years. When the lockdown hit, her career came to a stand-still. This unexpected pause gave her time to reflect and to finally pursue her love for cooking. In her own words “Cooking and feeding people is something I’ve always been extremely fond of. A little nudge from my family made sure I took the leap and gave it a shot.

My family has been my biggest support through the last 7 odd months. My husband has been sourcing all the materials needed to complete my orders. And my son, being from a digital background, has been responsible for my entire digital presence and all design-related requirements I have.”

A Rasoi that serves love

rajni's rasoi

The menu at Rajni’s Rasoi is a blend of authentic Marwari, continental & seasonal food. Rajni treasures the family recipes picked up from her mom and mother-in-law. The popularity of dishes like Baked Potato & Bean Burger is a testimony to the beauty of family recipes. No Sunday order is complete without the irreplaceable Dal Baati!

rajni's rasoi

Rajni’s personal favorites such as assorted tarts, Quesadilla & Paneer Schezwan Cigars have been lapped up by food lovers across the city. About desserts she says “While desserts are not something I focus on too much, the ladoos were a big gifting attraction during Diwali. And my seasonal Sandesh, Strawberry currently & Mango previously, also see a lot of love.” What sets this venture apart is the simplicity and authenticity of its dishes. As Rajni says “Every piece has my soul poured into, and you would feel it with every bite! “

Future plans amidst the pandemic

rajni's rasoi

It’s hard to plan an enterprise’s future amidst the uncertainty of a pandemic. However, with Corona-Virus still looming large, a lot of people are still scared to eat food from outside. That’s where this startup ensures people get to satisfy their craving for “something yummy” while still maintaining the safety of eating home food.

Currently, they’re planning on launching a special Salads menu keeping in mind a lot of people prefer starting the year on a healthier note. Over the next 5 years, the key aim will be to really establish the brand in the catering & gifting market as there’s tremendous potential in both sectors!

To know more visit – https://www.rajnisrasoi.com/

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Masala Tokri: This premium gourmet spice brand is growing in popularity thanks to its 100% natural and authentic blends, sourced from heart-land India

masala tokri

“A good spice often deceives us into thinking that someone is a good cook.” ~ Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Spices (masala) are undoubtedly the most indispensable items in every Indian kitchen.  Add a dash of your favourite spice and viola! Witness the magical transformation of a bland dish into a delicious one. Spice marketing in India is largely dominated by 2-3 key players who’ve been in the business for centuries. However, instead of competing with the big established names, the firebrand duo of culinary expert Urmila Sawant and entrepreneur Aarti Vikas Samant launched Masala Tokri to chase customers who are seeking good quality, natural and chemical free products. In fact, the products are 100% Natural and zero added chemicals or preservatives and the shelf-life of the products is one year.

masala tokri

How the journey began

Being a certified expert in spice processing technology and having 20 years of experience in the spices industry, Urmila Sawant started creating her own concoctions of Indian spices inspired by diverse food cultures in India. Soon she began selling her hand-pounded spices which were lapped up by customers from across the globe. In late 2018 digital marketer Aarti Samant noticed that her mother’s homegrown spices were becoming a talking point within the women community. Realizing the immense potential in this sector, in February 2019, Aarti Samant and Urmila Sawant launched Masala Tokri, a premium gourmet spice brand, hand-crafted and inspired by blends from local regions of India.

masala tokri

Unleashing the Magic of Masala Tokri

Describing the brand as “artisanal spice-mix brand, crafting blends from best-in-class natural ingredients from heart-land India”, the founders believe that by purchasing Masala Tokri products, you not only explore authentic regional cuisines but also help preserve traditional secret-recipes, which would otherwise get lost over time.

It’s head office is in Mumbai but the startup is available online also. The brand has captured Mumbai and Pune markets and their next go to market will be Gujarat. Some of the clients include Zida Impex LLP, Shital Innovative Foods, Haiko, Dorabjees, O basket.

Why Masala Tokri is the chosen one

masala tokri

The brand maintains extreme global standards when it comes to sourcing. The ingredients sourced are of A-grade export quality ingredients. Every recipe is curated from one heart-land region of India to give you that authentic local taste which is hard to find otherwise. The products are chemical & preservative free & are freshly pounded in their own Masala Chakkis, thus helping retain flavor better and providing a coarser texture to give you the most authentic regional taste.

Planning the next leg of the journey

Currently the focus is on expansion trajectory in the offline market capturing one city at a time. Exports might be initiated by mid 2021. About their dreams, the duo says “In the next 5 years, our ambition is to create a Pan-India reach and be available in every single gourmet store in India. The intent is to bring diverse flavours of Indian food culture to every nook and corner of our country. “

To know more visit – https://www.masalatokri.com/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/masala_tokri/

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Amrutam: These 22-year olds created and scaled up an international food brand – to promote healthy products

Amrutam founders

Amrutam is a wellness brand focused on sourcing pure products from farms and bringing them to our homes. The team partners with farmers around the country to source traditional agri-products.

As the modern consumer becomes woke about what they choose to eat, wear and do, they often go back to their traditional roots to seek sustainable options. Amrutam is at the forefront of facilitating this movement.

Amrutam 1

Sanyam Shah, Divyank Jain and Deep Shah planned to create a sustainable dairy business in 2015 and after two years of research, founded Amrutam Global in 2017. Wanting to help small farmers prosper, they toured the country, identified credible sources of nutrition-rich products and ultimately launched with a single product: ghee.

“It’s ironic how ghee is our bread and butter,” says Divyank Jain.

The Mismatched Team

The co-founders Sanyam Shah, Divyank Jain and Deep Shah, come from diverse backgrounds. Sanyam is from a Sanskrit scholar and a Security Consultant from Mumbai, while Divyank has lived and worked across seven cities working on theatres, photography and marketing. Deep, on the other hand, is a financial markets graduate from South Mumbai’s H R College, who earlier investigated insurance frauds for a living.

The trio were college students when they were inspired to work for the common good. Amrutam hence became a social entrepreneurship venture which uses economics as a means to bring about rural happiness. They combined their expertise to create and run the Mumbai-based business.

“We are very different people: it’s the trust and respect that binds us together,” says Sanyam.

Focus on Agri-products

Amrutam is currently one of the leading sellers of premium pure desi cow ghee in the world. The Vedic bilona (hand-churned) method gives ghee which is casein-free and suitable for lactose intolerant individuals. Milk is first curdled into curd, resulting buttermilk is hand-churned, and the makkhan is then heated to prepare ghee.

Amrutam 2 2

Around 27-30 litres of milk goes in to produce 1 kg of ghee. Bilona ghee is in high demand not just in posh Tier-I localities but also in smaller towns. Pharmaceutical companies frequently lookout to use such ghee in their medicines.

Given the costs, management and effort needed, not many people venture into the traditional method of ghee preparation. They have been growing their sourcing base in Gujarat and Maharashtra. In alignment with the wellness philosophy, only A2 milk from indigenous breeds like Gir, Kankrej, Rathi, etc. is used.

“Selling ghee sounds unsexy, but it’s fun as well as fulfilling,” says Deep.

Very soon, they are planning to add cold-pressed oils, organic sugar, jaggery and other wellness essentials.

Marketing played a crucial role in the growth

While home-made desi ghee has been a rage for the last generation, myths around it and the rise of butter had led people to stay away from it. The most crucial part was to educate working professionals that Desi Ghee isn’t unhealthy. Celebrities like Shilpa Shetty and Rujuta Diwekar have been vocal about generous use of ghee, and Kareena Kapoor Khan’s pregnancy diet further increased the demand.

Amrutam 3 1

Along with highlighting the nutritional benefits, Amrutam shared a lot of content around nostalgia, current affairs and the relevance of ghee in our diet today. Internet users particularly loved and engaged with their recipes and beauty tips. They’ve never had to sell ghee, but a lifestyle alternative: which the market accepted and adopted.The marketing content has been created by The Wise Idiot, a sister concern since inception.

“Whether it is Kashmir or Tripura, Madrid or Hong Kong, the demand for pure ghee is rising. Marketing helps you reach the people that are eagerly waiting to pay you.”

Building international clientele

Ghee is a staple ingredient in the Indian diet. There’s immense demand amongst NRIs, second-generation Indian diaspora. Thanks to the power of the internet, families from North America, Dubai, Europe, South East Asia, Australia, and Eastern Africa.

Whenever they fly down to India, they carry a large quantity of ghee back with them. Similarly, their families here often purchase ghee with other food items to ship it with them. “The most interesting customer we’ve had is from North Carolina. A caucasian male, he adopted Hinduism after coming in contact with ISCKON and leads a minimal, agrarian life in North Carolina. He has consistently bought large quantities for the consumption of his community,” says Sanyam.

Collaborating with the Competition

Gowardhan, Patanjali, Amul are common brands found in all homes. However, they aren’t competitors for Amrutam since none of them serves hand-churned A2 cow ghee.

Amazon, Flipkart and many organic platforms too, are filled with ghee sellers. However, given the marketing, scale and communication of Amrutam, it has consistently come out in the lead.

There are plenty of gaushalas and small farms trying to sell their products online. Instead of competing with them, Amrutam wants to welcome them so that everyone can grow together.

Next Step: Backward Integration

“Amul has gotten the model right, and there is immense value in following it,” says Deep. Instead of getting into agricultural production, Amrutam wants to grow by bringing more farmers in the community, buying local, and distributing it throughout the world.

“Amrutam has been growing by 300% in revenues over the last 3 years and targets to clock 10x growth in the coming 2 years.”

As the awareness and willingness to eat healthy and cruelty-free increases, Amrutam will continue growing and contributing to rural prosperity.

Amrutam 4 2

To know more visit – www.amrutamindia.com

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Self Love Skincare: A skincare brand that is giving us a fresh perspective on self-love

self love skincare

“Loving yourself isn’t vanity. It’s sanity.” ~ Katrina Mayer

Have you noticed when you start loving yourself and taking care of yourself, everything else falls into place? Practicing self love isn’t an unnecessary indulgence. Rather it is an inclusive feeling of awareness, consciousness and self respect – often subdued in the fear of what others might think. Life starts making much more sense when you realize your self-worth.

Thriving on the strong positioning of  ‘self love’, a business designer along with his copywriter partner launched, in October 2020, a skincare brand called Self love Skincare which nourishes and heals your skin the way Mother Nature does – with tenderness and a gentle sensitivity of pure ingredients and botanicals. The brand aims to establish self love as an essential luxury where individuals value the first relationship that they have with themselves.

Self Love Skincare: How the journey began

What happens when two millennials bitten by this “clutter-breaking” bug consistently strive to find that one single moment of joy in their individual journey where they could genuinely experience a state of fulfilment? Well, they build a start-up of their own!

The copywriter-business designer duo – in other words, the co-founders – had worked for regional & national advertising agencies and followed the rigorous strategy of building brands hailing from various industries like real estate, skincare, food & beverages etc for a total of 15 years cumulatively. And thus, it was time to test the waters with their own learning for themselves.

So after successfully planning, strategizing and using a hundred marketing rituals  to build notable brands, the duo decided to co-create an outward action of self love by building something for themselves from scratch. And thus, Self love Skincare was born.

Redefining self-love for your skin

Self love Skincare – the newest 100% vegan skincare range in India – is a cruelty-free, paraben-free daily skincare brand. The brand owns the philosophy of embracing oneself without judgment and celebrating one’s natural beauty without any filter. Self love Skincare integrates self care holistically from the outside through a completely vegan way that aims to protect and nourish one’s skin while cherishing one’s real beauty on the inside.

The range includes several sought-after products such as Skin Brightening Night Cream With Aloe & Glycerin, Skin Brightening Face Wash With Green Tea & Vitamin C, Skin Hydrating Body Lotion With Aloe, Almond & Olive Oil, Skin Hydrating Face Wash With Aloe & Honey Suckle.

Currently, the products are available across online stores in Amazon & Flipkart. Of course, the brand has its own online store on its website at www.selfloveskincare.in

Even the pandemic can’t stop you from loving yourself

One may feel guilty about indulging in self love especially with the pandemic weighing heavily on us. If anything, Covid-19 has taught us the importance of being truly happy. Self love is an essential luxury and as a brand it lies at the core of our heart to tell people that they are already beautiful in their natural way.

Brand promotion the unique way

In an endeavor to promote its philosophy, the brand has roped in the charming Ananya Sen for their first set of digital films, each of which narrates the natural goodness of each product while throwing light on the product range cleverly. Through the brand’s hashtag #InSelfLoveMode, they hope to make a social media movement through the coinage in a positive way.   

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Grainpad: A startup that is breaking the glass ceiling in the field of medicine and healthcare

grainpad - Zini app

Technology has brought about a drastic change in every aspect of our lives. Companies are waking up to the benefits of robotics, virtual reality in the field of health and medicine. Launched on 25th May, 2017 by Dr.Rohit Sharma, GRAINPAD is a company dedicated to performing research & innovation in the fields of Genetics, Robotics, AI, Nanotechnology, Physics, Astronomy & 3D BioPrinting to invent, create or discover new solutions that can make a positive impact on human race.

Grainpad: Making of a dream

Grainpad - ZINI app

Dr. Sharma was working as a clinical practitioner and observed that a lot of people don’t have access to right medical advice. Guided by quacks and unreliable sources, many suffered detrimental health effects and financial loss. Being research and innovation oriented, he decided to take on this challenge by inventing a technology that would answer health-related queries for people 24×7 and would be as reliable and accurate as a human doctor. Thus he quit his job and set out to find a team of like-minded visionaries. Rest, as they say is, some good history in making.

Invention of ZINI

Grainpad - ZINI app

The team put their knowledge to best use, brainstormed and came up with a ‘Virtual health guide’ called ZINI. Technically speaking she is an AI-driven Chabot. Patients can talk to ZINI about their ailment and ZINI can give them a preliminary guidance. She does this by asking more questions like a human doctor, interviews the patient thoroughly and then generates an Assessment report.

This report contains information like 1. All symptoms and their details, 2. Probable diagnosis, 3. Content to read on those conditions diagnosed 4. Investigations that may be needed to further confirm the diagnosis and treatment plans 5. Nearby hospitals and labs where these cases can be handled and 6. The most suited category of specialist (e.g. Orthopedician or Neurologist) for such a case.

In addition, ZINI is trained on answering ‘General health information’ related queries using a huge database of 50+ textbooks, 500+ articles and more than 3,00,000+ QnAs found online.

Distribution of its services

Grainpad - ZINI app

The venture is focusing on B2B customers to provide them an integrable system and collect patient history in a more organized form. The clients are based in India, UAE and the United states. The company’s registered office is in New Delhi and corporate office with most of the in house operations is based in STPI Mohali.

Major private sector clients include companies like Meddo health, MotivAte fitness, Lex Alliance foundation and AnytimeDoc. Public sector clients include PGI Chandigarh and National health Mission, Punjab. 

Expanding the horizon of technology

Grainpad - ZINI app

After such a major breakthrough, the long-term plan is to make ZINI a complete ‘Virtual Physician’ who is able to handle primary healthcare on her own. If regulations allow and ZINI’s abilities are proven through rigorous evaluations, maybe in 4- 5 years, she can be made available in every village, island or spaceship as a Primary healthcare Physician who is also allowed to prescribe medicine and perform some minor procedures. As Dr. Sharma rightly said “We are into uncharted waters here, and I am sure the best is yet to come.”

To know more visit – www.ZINI.ai


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Momomia: A startup that serves you the warmth and richness of Bhutan on a platter


Food in Bhutan is as mystique and varied as the land of Bhutan itself. People here love to eat and feed. Although Bhutanese cuisine remains relatively unexplored in India, few restaurants have begun drawing in crowds by claiming to serve “authentic” Bhutanese fare. However, most of them end up being poor replicas of the original delicacies. Launched on 10th October 2018 by a Bhutan born foodie-lawyer Avinash Singh, Momomia is a food solutions startup that “treats Mumbai with steaming plates of goodness, right from the heart of Nature’s own Bhutan”.

Chasing the Vision


What you envision is what you achieve. Momomia’s vision is to make authentic Bhutanese cuisine accessible to the urban masses. Avinash’s larger goal, however is “to give the cuisine that I have grown up savoring every day, a global identity”

 Journey towards creation of  Momomia 

Living in the fiery city of Mumbai hasn’t quite managed to weaken Avinash’s bond with his roots in Bhutan. He continues to carry the essence of Bhutan wherever he goes. It’s interesting how a practicing lawyer changed his career path and became an entrepreneur. In his own words “A 9-to-12 job at a tier-one law firm warrants that any fresh university graduate eventually molds themselves into that sort of lifestyle. Luckily or otherwise, I wasn’t one to succumb.

With a family history of being your own boss, I’d always wanted to start something where success and failure would be my own to cherish or lament over. That’s how this started. One fine morning, I quit the law firm and got going. And a special mention to my partner from Bangalore who’s come on board and has helped me propel the business forward since the past one year.” 

And so he began by revamping the model, foreseeing opportunities in adversities, innovate and improve during pandemic along with steely determination and Noble intentions was one of the key drivers to our brand “Momomia”.

Momomia’s magical delights

Momomia is an emerging startup that primarily deals in ready-to-eat Bhutanese delicacies. There are multiple franchise owners that source products from here and run successful sit-down restaurants across Mumbai. Momomia has very recently begun distributing to giant grocery chains like Reliance Fresh and Big Basket and thriving too. These sumptuous momos have been savoured in college festivals, flea markets, corporate offices all across Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

Momo Mia’s products bring to you the kind of taste that absolutely no one in the market offers. If you want to taste “the virgin, gourmet taste of Bhutan”, this is your destination.

Looking into the future

It’s been a dream come true for founder Avinash. Both he and his Partner have toiled hard to create a reliable brand that’s slowly grabbing eyeballs thanks to their uncompromising attitude when it comes to quality of food and service. As he says “Some days it breaks my back, being a one-man-crew is not easy. At the risk of sounding generic, Momo Mia is my baby, my pet project. The thought of that keeps me going.”

Currently the focus is on Ready to Eat Momos that they’ve been manufacturing with a goal to expand across tier 1/2/3 cities. In 5 years, Avinash dreams to see his beloved Momomia delicacies stocked up in the refrigerators of practically every household across the country and abroad.

To know more visit – https://www.instagram.com/momomia_mumbai/

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Media Binding Relations: A Women-led startup advancing a modern and fresh approach towards marketing & PR initiatives

media binding relations

Marketing is the essence of any business, be it small, medium, or large-scale. Since advertising can be an expensive way of marketing products or services, public relations serve as the best alternative for establishing brand identity on various communication channels. Launched in October 2019 by Himani Sharma and Mahima Seth, Media Binding Relations is a PR & Social Media Marketing firm which aims to provide effective media visibility to startups for creating brand awareness at reasonable prices so that the money factor does not come in the way of brand promotion. The firm helps clients expand their social media handles for business expansion and building a loyal customer base.

Creating solid business-to-business PR initiatives is of utmost importance. The company constantly tracks the effectiveness of its PR strategies and makes modifications to its strategic trajectory along the way on a continual basis.

Let’s begin from the beginning

media binding relations

Every new beginning starts with an idea. In the midst of working for a reputed PR agency in Delhi, the founders, Himani and Mahima, developed the idea of starting their own PR firm. In their own words “Sometimes, working for an organization is not enough to accomplish your goals in life. To achieve big, we must take risks and start from the bottom.” Armed with the required skill-sets, experience, determination and confidence, they embarked upon the entrepreneurship role in 2019. Since then, thanks to immense hard work and unconditional family support, they’ve come a long way.

Everything you need to know about Media Binding Relations

media binding relations

Media Binding Relations is a fast-growing startup firm that strives to rise by empowering others. It’s focus is on devising discreet PR plans and implementing them to meet the objectives of the client’s organization. The business strategy involves getting under the skin of the client’s organization to understand their company’s goals. With a high-quality strategic communication program, it aspires to build credibility and visibility of a brand.

Here’s what the founders say. “We understand the pain points of small business owners who suffer financial crunch in taking their business to the next level. Unlike most PR agencies, we do not ask for hefty prices from our clients who have just started their business. With sound media relations and a creative approach, we deliver quality services at reasonable prices while ensuring complete satisfaction of our clients.”

Devising a Five Year plan

media binding relations

Within the short time span, the company has provided unique services to clients who are essentially from different domains spread across PAN India. The dedicated team turned an obstacle into an opportunity during Covid-19, thereby strengthening the startup with limited resources. The dedicated team continues to endeavor towards success with the same vigor.

Staying tuned to the ongoing trends and devising PR strategies is an essential part of growth and survival amidst cut-throat competition. In the near future, the firm aspires to bring more startups as well as established brands onboard and expand its services.

Also, in the next five years, Media Binding Relations aspires to be considered as one of the most trusted PR companies in India and every member of the team is working hard towards that goal.

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Tanya Guppta: How a designer label is reimagining the use of organic fabrics while embracing comfort and style

Tanya Guppta

“The joy of dressing is an art” ~ John Galliano

To a certain extent, what we wear reflects who we are. That’s because clothes are an extension of one’s individual self. In such a scenario, it’s important to pick and choose garments which resonate with one’s sense of style and fashion. With so many designer labels ruling the market, customers are spoilt for choice. Launched on 18th July 2018, the label ‘Tanya Guppta’ named after its dynamic founder Tanya Gupta has climbed up the popularity charts within a mere two years of its launch. Its superior quality fabrics, relaxed cut, soft colors make this label a unique one.

Tanya Guppta

It all starts with an idea

Tanya Guppta

Right after her under-graduation, Tanya began toying with the idea of starting with her own designer label but she chose to sit on it for about an year, did a bit of freelance work, and was simultaneously working on the label. After a year, she finally decided to spread her wings by launching her own label, partially bootstrapped and partially supported by her father.

 All you need to know about the label

tanya guppta

The collection at Tanya Guppta is worth drooling over. Its social media account describes the label as “Wardrobe essentials with an essential sense of comfort and rhythm”. Without comfort, there can be no fashion and the designer team at Tanya Guppta understands  that. Tanya explains “All our products are manufactured in-house and are made with utmost attention to detail. Our USP is our fabrics. We use all 100% organic cottons and hypoallergenic fabrics extracted from aloe vera fibre, orange fibre, rose fibre, banana fibre, corn fibre and milk fibre. These fabrics are all certified from Global Organic Textiles Standards.”

Another aspect of this promising enterprise is the fact that they don’t discard even a single scrap of fabric. As they say, small steps can make a big difference. This label believes in promoting sustainable lifestyle through fashion. They further upcycle the scrap fabric in their packaging by making tote bags and pouches or maybe even coasters and laptop sleeves.

Five years into the future 

Tanya Guppta

Though still a novice in the competitive industry, the label Tanya Guppta is going from strength to strength. Currently, they have extended their reach to different online multi designer portals, apart from selling at their own physical space. This has made them accessible to a wider audience.

Who doesn’t feel proud to see her child progress? Tanya is no different. She has put her heart and soul into this venture and aspires to see the company achieve greater heights. Talking about the next 5 years, she says ” We plan to have our own e-commerce portal along with our products being available at many more online and offline portals Pan India as well as in certain cities outside india. Also, we plan to dive into the concept of collaboration with artists, as we feel it will help us explore different artistic side and expand our reach to a niche audience.”

To know more visit:

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Sublime Life: A skincare pioneer that aims to revolutionize beauty standards through sustainable, eco-friendly means

sublime life skincare

The idea of beauty has undergone a significant transformation over the last decade with social media acting as a catalyst to the change. In the digital age, when things are available just at the click of a button, making the right skincare choice is difficult. However, consumers have now become better informed about the choices and are more conscious while navigating through this process. They are turning towards eco-friendly, chemical-free and sustainable products that are not only better for the skin, but for the planet too.

Founded in May 2019 by Mr. Deep Lalvani, Sublime Life is a one stop destination for skin-friendly beauty products that curates the best clean & green beauty brands from around the world with complete honesty and transparency, keeping in mind that they resonate with the company’s own values. The brand educates consumers about the ingredients in their products along with some interesting sustainable initiatives. The platform is the only destination where a customer can be rest assured of the safety of the products and the authenticity of all its products.

Idea behind creation of Sublime Life

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It’s no secret that the beauty industry is dominated by the same brands for years. The industry has an adverse impact on the environment and generates significant waste. Never before has it been more imperative to address the age-old ways of the beauty industry, and to take collective responsibility to clean up and redefine beauty standards. It was about time to give the power back to the consumers and build a more sustainable environment. With this vision in mind, Sublime Life, an online platform and a community was born. It aims to connect and access ethical, sustainable and clean brands from across the globe to the conscious consumer of today.

An enduring philosophy propels the brand forward

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Sublime Life has created a Pan-India appeal. It is India’s pioneer clean beauty curator, which mindfully and consciously picks clean, cruelty-free skincare products that are good for your skin and the environment. The products are safe and free of nasty toxins. As a brand, environment-friendly practices are woven into its philosophy, such as providing plastic-free shipping and recycling old skincare empties. The aim is to lead the Clean Beauty Movement in India by taking a strong step towards sustainability and a greener environment. The company takes pride in partnering with only those brands whose products are free from nasty chemicals.

Know more about some of its super-exclusive brands

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Best known for its ‘Smart Ampoules’, a Spanish brand named Martiderm specializes in concentrated Vitamin C serums, or super serums that address concerns such as ageing, pigmentation, dehydration, etc.

Another brand from the heart and soil of Somerset, England is Cowshed, whose DNA is made up of a family of treatment-led natural spas and therapies that use organic and wild-crafted plant extracts and essential oils to nourish mind, body and soul.

Riding into a soothing, sublime future

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Sublime Life aims to be the leader in clean beauty in India, built with strong pillars of sustainability in the next 3 to 5 years. With a curation of over 200 brands, the company will have a unique mix of products and brands exclusive to India along with some homegrown brands, all with the focus on effectiveness and safety of products. Through sustained efforts, it has come a long way and the journey seems to have only just begun.

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