Ok Boss: Your Personal Assistant and Errand Runner

Ok Boss

Everyone needs a ‘little help’, to finish up things.  Time and resourcing for day-to-day errands is a regular challenge for any individual irrespective of age, profession or other demographics.  A common issue both individuals and small businesses face is resourcing reliable personnel on short notice for errand work.   

OK BOSS is that Personal Assistant / Helper / Errand Runner who does everything to make life easier for everyone.  In the post-pandemic world, a Personal Assistant is a ‘Must Have’ to delegate day to day work, so other important things like Health and Family can be focused upon. 

Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile” ~ Albert Einstein

The joy that comes out of helping people in need at the right time, cannot be measured in words or money. Especially when you extend a helping hand to senior citizens or other vulnerable sections of people who struggle with even the most basic and commonplace errands, the satisfaction is of a different level altogether.

Launched on 1st June 2020 by Chennai-born entrepreneur Shoba Alladi, Ok Boss is a unique, one-stop shop for all errands and bespoke services. It endeavors to bring together and integrate an unorganised supplier market to provide on-demand services to consumers and small businesses.

Consolidated Personal Assistant / Errand services App is not widely available in India.  There are multiple Apps for multiple services – Food / Groceries / Household / Elder Care / Pets / Automobiles etc.  OK BOSS brings in all these and more under one Service Bouquet.

Many people, especially Senior Citizens have difficulties using technology with multiple Apps offering varying UXPs.  OK BOSS has a parallel Contact Centre in addition to the Mobile & Web platforms, thereby giving Customers a personalised experience.

How one idea changed many lives

The idea germinated through the founder’s personal experience.  Her parents and their peer group in Chennai had a good, self-sufficient life. However, with age and weakening health conditions, it became difficult to manage daily chores and errands. Senior-citizen specialised services came with a big annual subscription fees and most elderly people required help only on ad-hoc and need basis.

NRIs too faced challenges in procuring and using local suppliers for various errands related to their parents or their own needs. 

Finally Shoba put her comprehensive educational background (Chartered Accountant (CA), Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Project Management Professional (PMP), MBA Banking & Finance) and two decades of international retail finance experience to good use and decided to set up a ‘Personal Assistant / Errand Runner’ enterprise which wouldn’t just be a delivery service but provide ‘Value-Added’ services and a ‘Personal touch’.

OK BOSS was born with the belief that the customer is the Boss, thus whatever he/she says shall be fulfilled to their satisfaction.

Ok Boss : Your personal assistant and errand runner

OK BOSS is the One-Stop-Shop that  provides a consolidated list of errand services such as food, groceries, homecare and maintenance. Customers are given utmost care and tasks are done at their convenient time & place.  Documents are handled with secrecy, acknowledgments returned safely.  Tasks can be booked on the App or by just calling in. Besides web and mobile apps, the company has a full-fledged contact centre. With technological improvement, each customer’s behaviour is modelled and tailor-made products are offered. 

During the pandemic, Ok Boss warriors hit the streets to deliver food and medication to Covid patients thus making their presence felt where it mattered the most. 

Purchasing and delivering Baby essentials to a new Mom & new born baby, Procuring sanitary items for Senior citizens… these people just cannot venture out.

We took on the logistics support for SMBs, so they could focus on improving their business.  Their raw materials were procured and their finished products were delivered to their Customers.

Equipment repairs reached people’s homes – important kitchen items such as Gas stove, Mixer grinder were serviced at the door step.  Air Conditioners were repaired to manage the summer heat. 

There were some reasons to celebrate as well.  Birthday parties and weddings went online.  Gifts and Meals were home delivered by us, so people were able to engage with the hosts as if they were present at the event.

Our Warriors were always there to help the less fortunate on the roads.  Charity is part of our culture.  Food and water was provided to the homeless and less fortunate.

The startup service is spread in and around Chennai. Although launched in the midst of the Covid pandemic, it has a steady clientele of around 1000, including individuals, small-medium enterprises, home-business and NRIs.

Marching into the future

As the brand continues to expand and grow, it strives to be the preferred service partner for individuals, small business owners, corporates, NRIs and other segments in the near future.  It is planning to empower the task force according to their qualification, thereby making them gainfully employed and have a long-term relationship with the organisation. Over the next 5 years, its vision is to organically improve its supplier network and grow customer network beyond Chennai and Tamil Nadu.

To know more, visit –
Website – www.okboss.co
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/okboss.co
Instagram: https://instagram.com/okboss.co?igshid=1g6liv9slmh9c
YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC3XoeFG-8mP6rr3yAuM8Mkw

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