TWILLO: Taking creativity to a meditative space


The times we live in today are governed by a very strange maxim – try to do as many things in as little time as possible. This has resulted in a lifestyle filled with moments where we are under pressure or undue stress of our own making. After which, we chase release and relief by indulging ourselves in activities that offer us perhaps just a temporary getaway.

What is needed however is something that offers an oasis of calm and brings the restlessness to a gentle halt – Disconnecting from an overload of sensory stimulation and engaging in something that calms the mind and soul is the need of the hour. What we need are more things we do just for fun, to relax and to let go, things we are familiar with, things that engage the creative and play parts of our brain, such as creative
activities like painting, journaling, doodling, craft making and more.

This is where TWILLO has a wonderful role to play. With its thoughtful, yet playful approach based on a unique principle that “A CREATIVE YOU is a HAPPIER YOU” TWILLO seeks to bring people back to the place and the pace they are comfortable with.

Says the Founder Rupambika Khandai “The TWILLO mission is to help people unlock mindfulness, creativity, productivity and happiness through creative expression.”

TWILLO – Freedom of expression done creatively!

For TWILLO founder Rupambika Khandai, a well experienced independent creative professional, TWILLO was an idea born out of her personal happy childhood memories of remaining immersed in creative activities and being totally content while doing those activities.

To quote her founding vision Rupambika Khandai says, “We at TWILLO are firm believers in the superpowers of creative expression. And we are here to ask you to join us in being kids again! Let’s reclaim those magical creative expressions that came so easily to us as kids and unlock the creativity and sense of adventure that has got lost while we grew up.”

Given Rupambika’s self-confessed love for paper stationery TWILLO products are an exciting creative avenue waiting to be discovered. With a select mix of innovatively designed paper products, stamped with her unique signature that blends aesthetics plus whimsical overtones, TWILLO products are meant to help everyone rediscover their creative abilities and at the same time have a lot of fun while indulging in them.

Available online from TWILLO are – Beautifully designed BOOKCARDS imprinted with thoughtful messages. Exquisitely designed and packaged LETTERSET to revive the lost art of handwritten letters to family, friends and that “someone special”. A deliciously curated PAPERBOX holding a treasure trove of imported and Indian papers in a gorgeous mix of pastel, bold and essential colors.

Every product gifts one the opportunity to indulge and explore creative possibilities that are truly endless!

What is really different about TWILLO however, is that it does not fit into the conventional definition of branded paper products. Instead, it has created a truly beautiful and unique space that can be defined as “Wellness Paper Products”.

Speaking about her future plans for TWILLO Rupambika Khandai says , “Within a year we plan to roll out another 30 different products across 4 categories. There are plans for Twillo Kids. In the long term we aim to make creative mindfulness synonymous with Twillo and make the “Twillo Experience” a tangible asset.”

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