Batti & Co : When the lockdown created a magic mix of local ingredients to craft world-class bathing luxury!

Batti & Co

In today’s times, bathing and the rituals associated with it have assumed a much larger meaning than simply being an act of personal hygiene. It has been transformed into a very personal moment and the elements associated with it like the bathing room, the bath fittings etc. have taken on a premium luxury tag.

The bathing space is now an “aspirational space” that reflects status as well as the lifestyle of the people who own that particular space.

This shift has resulted in the creation of a very interesting and dynamic “sustainable” and “conscious bathing products” category. Making a quiet mark in this category is an exciting brand BATTI & CO. which markets its products online at

Faaizah Husain the founder has a very far reaching vision for the venture – “We want to be a well-known homegrown brand name in the country. When people think luxurious and indulgent baths, the only name that should pop in their minds is Batti & CO.”

Batti & Co – Crafted with love handmade bathing luxury

Faaizah is an advertising professional who hails from Chhattisgarh.  The name ‘Batti & Co.’ comes from the Hindi heart land word ‘sabun ki batti’ which is the word used colloquially to describe a cake of soap. Faaizah says “I wanted my startup venture to proudly carry a name which spoke about my roots, and at the same time clearly describe what we offered. If you look at our products, our ingredients are desi but our soaps offer luxury that spell sheer class.”

Started during the lockdown, Batti & Co was a consequence of some spare time on hand which Faaizah had, due to the saved travel time. During this she decided to learn the art and the science of making Battis.

Starting out with the fairly straightforward melt and pour process she experimented with various techniques and ingredients. Creating Battis that were fairly good in texture and fragrance, she started getting great feedback from friends and family who tried out them out.

Encouraged by this, things moved up to the next level of Batti making- that is the cold process method, which was a bit more complex and challenging.

From this “no heat process” and using the finest oils and butters was born a final batch of Battis. What adds to the intrinsic appeal, is the fact that each and every ‘sabun ki batti’ is completely hand made. That is the level of passion and love that goes into pressing a Batti, to gift you a bathing experience that refreshes.

You can purchase them from their website as well as directly from their Instagram page.

Luxury bathing gets unusually tempting!

What makes these bathing Battis so enticing, is the fact that each piece is pressed and molded with the intention to create a vibrant visual appeal. The texture, the color, the shape, the fragrance – everything completely transforms what used to be a routine object, into a piece of art!

Oh and don’t get carried away and bite into one – the Battis look delicious enough to eat!

Having attracted more than 200 customers with many of them being repeat customers, Batti-loyalists have also opted for a subscription model. The opportunity is there and with a planned process of creating brand awareness in place, this venture aims at making the most out of it. 

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