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mounthills advisory founder

With an inclination to nurture long term relationships, Rahul Agarwal set off in April 2018 and launched Mounthills Advisory with a goal to educate the investors about the various investment avenues and their allocation of wealth as per their willingness of risks. The key to sustain brand loyalty is to educate the customers beyond advisory model, so they expanded their horizons to a coaching norm.

This not only helps build a strong foundation for the investor but also helps them think rationally. Here they aim to bridge the gap between the investors and the substantial market whilst allocating the resources cautiously. They also strive to educate their customers on topic as basic as goal setting, inflation and other financial terms.

Always playing to their strengths

Starting as an intern at Kredent Trading Advisory as an Equity Analyst right after his graduation from Xavier’s, Kolkata, Rahul Agarwal knew it’s not easy to maintain a balance between work and to stay fully informed about the market and its fluctuations and that’s where an advisor’s role should come into the picture. There’s a high lying market of well informed and educated advisors but does that guarantee reliability too? Not really.

Having worked under various job profiles such as Audit assistant, Financial advisor, and Portfolio Management and their allocation it acknowledged him to procure resources and guide people. Having tasted different domains in the financial services industry he decided to start his own wealth management firm ‘Mounthills Advisory Services’ with a brand name of ‘Financial Chanakya’.

The inspiration to have a coaching-like horizon comes from tutoring on platforms like Unacademy, Wiley, VG learning, Edupristine where he taught CA, CFA, CMA(US). The biggest achievement for him as a teacher was when his students got placements in recognized investment banks.

Foresightedness and a lot of hard work and you’re halfway there!

To ensure financial security at all times and cash flow at times of emergency. Life planning by suggesting them the right insurance product at the cheapest cost, along with tax and estate planning. Not only do they ensure security but also focus on building trust by educating the investors about their risks and rewards.

All this generates expected returns at large. With utmost perseverance, Mounthills Advisory has managed to achieve High Networth Individual(HNI) clientele. Eagerly showing the urge to grow they have expanded their functionality to Ed-tech space by training students and employees on personal finances and also certifications related to finance, with a further goal to come up with personalized courses curated to meet the needs of the investors.

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