Beyondarie: Offering the wildest teas in the world procured from the deep, wild mountainous forests of North-East India

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“No matter where you are in the world, you are at home when tea is served” ~ Earlene Grey

It’s hard to imagine life without soaking in the aroma of fresh tea leaves while sipping a wholesome and hearty cup of tea. Considering how popular and indispensable tea is in most Indian households, its production and distribution is widely regarded as a lucrative business. What if I tell you of a startup that procures tea from the deep, wild mountainous forests of North-East so that you can have the pleasure of tasting the most unique flavour of tea?

Launched on 2nd December 2020 by a group of five corporate professionals with 90+ years of combined experience, Beyondarie is one such startup. It specializes in procuring, processing, packaging, and marketing of wild teas, herbal teas and herbal lattes that are fortified with indigenous superfoods from North East India. The products offered are specially curated to offer a distinctive tasting experience in addition to several health benefits.

What happens when five bright minds come together

As mentioned earlier, Beyondarie is the brainchild of five passionate first-generation entrepreneurs namely Mohit Narru, Dipankar Ghoshal, Boilal Gangte, Nashat Hussain, Rajdeep Bora. Each of them have a formidable corporate background and valuable experience in creating and building world-class brands through best digital experience.

What brought these astute professionals together was their strong love for the North-East and a collective desire to make a positive impact on society. Combining these two factors, they decided to create a first-rate consumer brand which could represent North-East India to the World.

The thoughtfully designed array of handcrafted wild teas by Beyondarie, a young homegrown brand from the Northeast, offers ample choice to customers to suit their varied needs and literally, a taste of the wild!  These are available online on their website <> as well as on Amazon and Flipkart.

Beyondarie : Focusing on “Value Creation” rather than “value destruction”

Beyondarie sources the most natural and superlative ingredients directly from the natural plantations and forest mountains of North-East India.

Ingredients like Wild Tea, Lakadong Turmeric, Ghost Chilli, Karbi Ginger, Wild Cinnamon, Black Cardamom, Litsea, Galangal are an outcome of ceaseless clinical experimentation and blending done by certified nutritionists and qualified chef so as to give the right balance of function and flavour. They’re available in popular e-market platforms like, Flipkart, Paytm Mall, Local Option, Sustain Cart, Newesome and ETSY.COM for international markets.

Planning for a better future

As a four-month-old company, Beyondarie has grown fast with over 5K customer base, over 1Lac unique website visitors and social media followings of more than 13K. The immediate goal is to have more than 1 million customer base in the domestic market thus establishing itself as one of the top home grown consumer brand in the country and, by this fall, foray into the international market targeting US and EU market. Looking at their extensive planning and determined attitude, this certainly doesn’t seem like a distant dream.

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