Sublime Life: A skincare pioneer that aims to revolutionize beauty standards through sustainable, eco-friendly means

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The idea of beauty has undergone a significant transformation over the last decade with social media acting as a catalyst to the change. In the digital age, when things are available just at the click of a button, making the right skincare choice is difficult. However, consumers have now become better informed about the choices and are more conscious while navigating through this process. They are turning towards eco-friendly, chemical-free and sustainable products that are not only better for the skin, but for the planet too.

Founded in May 2019 by Mr. Deep Lalvani, Sublime Life is a one stop destination for skin-friendly beauty products that curates the best clean & green beauty brands from around the world with complete honesty and transparency, keeping in mind that they resonate with the company’s own values. The brand educates consumers about the ingredients in their products along with some interesting sustainable initiatives. The platform is the only destination where a customer can be rest assured of the safety of the products and the authenticity of all its products.

Idea behind creation of Sublime Life

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It’s no secret that the beauty industry is dominated by the same brands for years. The industry has an adverse impact on the environment and generates significant waste. Never before has it been more imperative to address the age-old ways of the beauty industry, and to take collective responsibility to clean up and redefine beauty standards. It was about time to give the power back to the consumers and build a more sustainable environment. With this vision in mind, Sublime Life, an online platform and a community was born. It aims to connect and access ethical, sustainable and clean brands from across the globe to the conscious consumer of today.

An enduring philosophy propels the brand forward

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Sublime Life has created a Pan-India appeal. It is India’s pioneer clean beauty curator, which mindfully and consciously picks clean, cruelty-free skincare products that are good for your skin and the environment. The products are safe and free of nasty toxins. As a brand, environment-friendly practices are woven into its philosophy, such as providing plastic-free shipping and recycling old skincare empties. The aim is to lead the Clean Beauty Movement in India by taking a strong step towards sustainability and a greener environment. The company takes pride in partnering with only those brands whose products are free from nasty chemicals.

Know more about some of its super-exclusive brands

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Best known for its ‘Smart Ampoules’, a Spanish brand named Martiderm specializes in concentrated Vitamin C serums, or super serums that address concerns such as ageing, pigmentation, dehydration, etc.

Another brand from the heart and soil of Somerset, England is Cowshed, whose DNA is made up of a family of treatment-led natural spas and therapies that use organic and wild-crafted plant extracts and essential oils to nourish mind, body and soul.

Riding into a soothing, sublime future

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Sublime Life aims to be the leader in clean beauty in India, built with strong pillars of sustainability in the next 3 to 5 years. With a curation of over 200 brands, the company will have a unique mix of products and brands exclusive to India along with some homegrown brands, all with the focus on effectiveness and safety of products. Through sustained efforts, it has come a long way and the journey seems to have only just begun.

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