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“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” This famous quote by John Keats is an ode to finding beauty at every point in life as it will create a lasting happiness in our life. Similarly when we give a gift to somebody, we try to find something beautiful that will bring joy to the receiver for years to come. So with an aim of spreading joy, Preeti Anand created her own line of resin art products called Artista that can be customized as per your preference.

Preeti was blessed with a keen sense of aesthetics and a sharp eye for detail which drew her towards various art forms throughout her life. However, she only pursued it as a hobby until the pandemic hit. When the lockdown was announced, Preeti decided that she could spend her time in a more productive manner by giving her creativity a physical manifestation. So in September 2021 during the nationwide lockdown, at the age of 39 with an initial capital of Rs 50k, Preeti began her creative venture Artista.

Taking The Plunge


“I could not have done this without the help and support of my husband who encouraged me to pursue my art professionally. We offer handmade resin products which include trays, coasters, plates, clocks, tables and much more. We also provide themed products like evil eye, hamsa and Om,” shares the founder.

A glance at her product catalog will tell you about Preeti’s affinity for colour and personalization. She uses every colour of the rainbow and ensures that each product is eye catching in its own way. From various techniques to a superlative finish, these products can be used for a long time. All products can be customized as per preferences of size, colour, name and quantity. Her passion and dedication towards her art has also won her the appreciation of numerous clients who have shared testimonials after using her products.  

Spreading Smiles

“My goal is to bring a smile to clients face through my art. I enjoy creating unique pieces and being a small part of client’s lives through Artista. In a short period of time we have created name plates, wall art, furniture, tables, key chains and many more products with the help of resin. Since themes like evil eye and hamsa are currently trending, we have created a special line using these motifs for our clients. We have got an overwhelming response to these categories and they have been one of our best sellers.” explains Preeti.

Artista currently takes orders through its Instagram page and operates from its own studio space in New Delhi. The brand has successfully fulfilled 500 orders from a number of clients across the country. When asked where she sees her brand in the next 5 years Preeti says,” I would love to expand Artista as a brand in the future. I want to move to a bigger studio space where I can experiment with various materials and showcase my creativity.”

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