Dessert Home By Shveta – Satisfy your sweet cravings with Dessert Home By Shveta drool worthy desserts

“There is no better way to bring people together than with desserts.”- Gail Simmons

The bakery industry is one of the largest segments in the food processing sector in India. There is a greater demand globally for healthier alternatives, and baked products serve as an answer. Consumers are increasingly seeking cholesterol and gluten-free products at affordable prices. Due to the continuous awareness among the people regarding maintaining a healthy lifestyle, more people are looking forward to healthier bakery items which have no refined flour and less fat. Sugar in the bakery industry has been replaced with stevia which is a natural sweetener and has zero calories. Honey, date syrup and jaggery are also used as natural sweeteners.

Dessert Home By Shveta’s

The market opportunity is massive, but so are the challenges. Creating clean label products that contain less sugar but still taste good is no mean feat. And it is a challenge that is compounded by the plethora of functions that sugar performs in baked goods and confectionery.

Meeting the dynamism of the changing consumer preferences for salubrious desserts, a home-grown bakery in South Delhi is sure to make you taste the fresh difference of its goodness.” Dessert Home By Shveta” will make your sweet dreams come true through its delectable range of dry & cream cakes, brownies, cupcakes, brookies and sugar free cakes customizable according to client’s need. Their winter special carrot cake frosted with fresh fruits or the very healthy and yummy almond flour honey tea cake is sure to set the cravings on even to a health-freak.

Creating Delicious & Wholesome Memories: The Sweet Journey So Far

Dessert Home By Shveta’s

Shveta Budhraja, a finance consultant by profession and a budding cake artist, was gravitated to her passion for cooking and baking before the pandemic hit. During this period, she used to bake for her family and friends. The positive feedback and overwhelming response from friends and family encouraged her to take up a professional baking course from a renowned institute. During the lockdown she started baking professionally and kickstarted her baking business called “Dessert Home By Shveta”.

Dessert Home By Shveta’s

The cookies and brookies are much sought-after products from the brand’s banner and the key differentiator for their products are the healthy & fresh ingredients they use especially less sugar and completely eggless cakes that makes them stand apart from other baking brands. They make aesthetic designer cakes, celebration cakes and kids-specific theme-based cakes without using gelatin or any eggs so that people can recognise & trust them for their freshness and goodness. The brand undertook orders for the Noida-based Prometheus School and their celebration cakes are sumptuous enough to make any special event a grand one. The brand endeavors to have its baking studio start soon and expand the list of dessert collections it offers. It wants to build recognition & goodwill of being a baking brand that offers wholesome desserts which are less sugary and fresh.

Dessert Home By Shveta’s

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