Chandrabali- Here’s an ethnic wear brand that embraces and celebrates the everlasting beauty of Indian fabrics

Indian textiles are as relevant today as they were five decades back. The beauty and timeless appeal of these textiles have inspired fashion lovers across the globe. In fact, it’s heartening to see new-age fashion startups come up with a fresh approach towards traditional fabrics, thus breathing new life into the rich colors and designs of the past.

Let us talk about one such emerging startup that strives to celebrate India’s diverse culture and exceptional craftsmanship with its beautiful lineup of ethnic outfits. Founded by Shramana Gupta, Chandrabali is all about fun, fashion and affordability. It endeavors to bring the treasure of Indian textiles to its customers in a way that makes the whole experience fun and memorable.

Small steps towards a big dream


Born and brought up in the City of Joy, Shramana started her business with a modest sum of money at the age of 24. She always wanted to do something in fashion and work independently. However, she wasn’t sure how to get there.

Even while enduring a lot of personal and professional turmoil during the earlier stages of her life, she never lost hope. The gritty girl that she’s, Shramana decided to channelise her angst into creativity and art. That’s how Chandrabali, a brand named after her mother, came into existence. “I wanted my brand to be as authentic and elegant as my mother is, hence the name” adds Shramana.

It started out as just another jewelry brand and gradually shifted towards ethnic clothing. What makes Chandrabali stand out in a brutally competitive market is its approach to customer service. Shramana explains further “I never miss out on helping our customers whenever they have any queries. From taking orders to timely delivery, we assist them without fail. Even after they have received our product, if they have any questions, I make sure to contact them and resolve the issues.”

No wonder, this level of effort and dedication has helped build a relationship of trust and transparency with customers who keep coming back for more. Shramana feels grateful for all their genuine feedback, which motivated her to work better. She feels fortunate to have worked with some of the most skilled and efficient tailors over the years.

Chandrabali : Clothes for all sizes and body types


Chandrabali is a Kolkata-based ethnic wear brand that focuses on preserving and promoting India’s rich textile heritage and diverse cultural influences through its delightful collection of pretty cotton dresses, beautiful blouses adorned by Ajrakh and Phulkari art, handloom sarees, gorgeous earrings and so much more.

The vibrant colors, comfortable fabric, amazing weaves, top-notch quality, unconventional designs and last but not the least, digilent customer service make Chandrabali a much-loved and recommended brand among fashion enthusiasts. Customisation is available here. The orders are shipped all over India. All you’ve to do is place your orders online through its Instagram page. With more than 40% repeat customers, Chandrabali has finally found its place in the sun. Shramana beams with contentment as she says “There are times where we go completely sold out within 24 hours of launching any new collection.”

Make a difference with Chandrabali

Chandrabali has achieved a lot within a short span of time. However, a lot remains to be done, not just for the business but also for the artists who are keeping the art alive. Despite its stunning beauty, block printing is slowly receding into oblivion.

In the next few years, Chandrabali intends to hire more skilled tailors and to get creatively involved into block printing. Shramana affirms “We believe in self-employment. We wish to have more talented people to be a part of our team and have a source of income.” On the business front, Shramana wants to expand the brand on a larger scale in terms of customers. Chandrabali is slowly inching in the right direction and is on its way towards becoming a household name.

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