The Giving Trees- Where Shopping Goes The Moralistic Way

“Businesses need to go beyond the interests of their companies to the communities they serve.”- Ratan Tata

The Social Entrepreneurship Initiatives – Balancing The Diverse Community Needs

The Giving Trees

A social entrepreneur is a person who pursues novel applications that have the potential to solve community-based problems. These individuals are willing to take on the risk and effort to create positive changes in society through their initiatives.

Following the trail of generosity, compassion and social responsibility is a start-up founded in November 2020 called “The Giving Trees”.

The Giving Trees is a platform that emphasizes taking action even at the smallest level. They do this by carefully designing and creating products with messages that advocate for causes aligned directly to creating a better world. While giving is most commonly associated with monetary contributions, they trigger waves of action in communities around to bring inspiration into homes, which sparks and nurtures individual responsibility as a continuous process.

The Giving Trees

Not only does the brand name “The Giving Trees” justify its strong connection with nature, but also in all aspects proves how they are similar to mother nature which is ever nourishing & supporting lives. The brand fosters a very benevolent cause of supporting the unattended marginalized communities. The funds raised through purchases made on their platform are channelled directly for such a noble cause. People who wish to join hands in this generous cause can refer to their websites, FB & Instagram pages to see the rehabilitation and contributions they undertake. Post –pandemic, many beneficiary organizations approached them for support and in 2021 itself, they undertook 4 projects on a social cause like helping in the post-relief Chennai floods case or providing school supplies to needy children.

Anybody Who Shops from “The Giving Trees”, Shops For a Purpose

The Giving Trees

The brand offers gifting options and daily utility products such as diaries, wrapping paper, gift bags, coasters, notebooks, journals, stationeries, T-shirts, coasters, mats etc that are imprinted with meaningful and inspirational messages, reinforcing their consistent support towards social causes and all their profits are directed towards helping the marginalised communities. The social service platform. The platform has three collections, highlighting causes such as ‘Adopt, Don’t Shop’, ‘Spreading Joy’, and ‘Preserve Protect’.

Meet The Ingenious Team Of The Giving Trees

The Giving Trees

The brand is driven by the women squad -Sonal Jain, Ritika Reddy & Antara Pandit carrying diverse skills to meticulously manage the day-to-day business operations. With Sonal’s ability to create the most magical designs, Ritika’s superpower of connecting with vulnerable communities, and Antara’s passion for impacting lives through her writing, the trio’s vision is to create and spread an abundance of contentment and happiness.

Sonal, the artistic mind behind the nature-inspired designs shares her motivation behind her majestic creations. She reveals, “Spreading joy is quite literally the idea behind my design process. I want to create designs that make people smile when they see them and remind them of the greater purpose behind these products. Not only does the purchase of our products bring joy to someone less privileged but it also gives us immense joy to use local vendors and support small businesses.”

Ritika who works closely with the underprivileged communities also shares her experience, “The Giving Trees is a natural extension to the work we do at the Crowdwave Trust. Instead of asking for a donation to a cause that needs help, we are selling products designed by us and routing the proceeds from that to the cause. We think of it as a small thank you gift for their support!”

Antara who handles the content curation role shares how they ideate the theme for designing products. She mentions,

Products under different collections are imprinted with messages and designs relating to the theme. ‘Adopt, Don’t Shop’ encourages people to adopt dogs, ‘Spreading Joy’ is all about instilling optimism in people during distressing times and ‘Preserve Protect’ is to create a kinder, safer and compassionate world,” & the ‘Tropical Collection’ is all about tropical birds, flora and fauna in designs. It’s an elegant collection to usher in the summer vibes.”

The Growth Trajectory

The Giving Trees

The brand has fulfilled approximately 1500 orders across Pan India. It aims to expand its collection and also foray into the manufacturing part so that it could also offer a platform to other designers who want to support a social cause through positive & meaningful gifting options.

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