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Imagine this amazing story of two friends in school who also chose the same stream of studies in college, got their first job together in the same organization and also settled in the same city! And to top of all this they come together to start a successful home décor enterprise!

MnR Décor is a true story showcasing the artistic sensibilities of the founders Reema Saravanan and Mohua Dey. What began as an enterprise by participating in flea markets with hand stitched cushion covers and runners, has today evolved into one of the most sought after home furnishing enterprise.

Having very quickly learnt, that getting exactly what they want through multiple sourcing is costly and time consuming, the duo set up their very own block printing unit, sourced lengths of fabrics and started customizing the items the way they truly imagined them to be. Working very closely with the artisans they soon created a wonderful portfolio of inspirational designs, which caught the fancy of both home makers and interior designers too!  Every single length of print is a labour of love and the enterprise is truly making waves!

Creating delightful home décor designs block by beautiful block!

MnR Decor

From just being an idea in the imagination, to being transferred onto a wooden block by an artisan, then seeing that design being printed by patient and skilled hands onto a fabric – this process is what defines MnR DECOR offerings. Work happens with both Mohua & Reema working alongside the artisans to ensure correct reproduction of the design as well the colour! FAITHFUL REPRODUCTION and CUSTOMISATION is what makes every piece so different and so desirable!

Experimenting with inks, techniques and finishes, MnR DECOR has created an entire range of ethnic door & window curtains, table runners, table mats, table covers, cushion covers & bedsheets. There are a range of blinds too available. Paisley patterns, ancient India motifs, Mogul themes, birds, leaves, human figurines, quirky prints and a whole set of contemporary prints are also available and are equally adorable.

The smart brand in the league of Home Furnishing players that is making great strides…

MnR Decor

MnR DÉCOR has always done the smart thing. It has created a distinct niche for itself by adopting a unique design approach and then customized each element to cater to its customers’ space and aesthetic needs.

What it has strived to achieve and has succeeded reasonably well too, is to create a brand image where, when anyone who thinks of home décor the first thing that comes to their mind is MnR DÉCOR!

MnR Decor

Both Mohua & Reema have seen a huge growth in orders over the last few years. They have created a satisfied client base of over a thousand customers with many of them from abroad also. There are clients who have also given them repeat orders for their homes and work spaces and this is what has truly excited the duo!

Connect with the Design Experts at MnR DÉCOR to experience how they can transform spaces. Check them out here and read more about them on their website here

MnR Decor

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