Meet Dr. Niveditha Manokaran, who is all set to smash social stigma with her brave new venture that initiates conversations about sexual health

“If sexuality is one dimension of our ability to live passionately, then by cutting off our sexual feelings we diminish our overall power to feel, know and value deeply.” ~ Judith Plaskow.

Life in the 21st century has undergone a sea change. What hasn’t changed, however, is the narrow-minded outlook towards sex. In many parts of the world, sex remains a hushed-up topic that should never be talked about in front of others. It is often associated with fear, awkwardness and embarrassment. Given our socio-cultural structure, it’s considered hugely inappropriate to discuss sex and sexual health in a free and frank manner, thus failing to recognize that sex is an integral part of life and not something that needs to be looked down upon.

In an attempt to usher in a positive change regarding people’s perception about sexual health and sex education, Niveditha Manokaran launched her dream project two years back called dr_nive_untaboos. The aim is to bring about a gradual shift in the way sex is perceived by society at large. Making sex education a topic for dining table conversation without feeling inhibited, ashamed or judged is all that Niveditha aspires to achieve.

When you desire to make a difference

Ever since she became sure about her career goals, Niveditha wanted to be a doctor and serve the society in the best way possible. After completing her bachelor’s in medical science, she went on to become a dermatologist.

As she got exposed to the western way of life, Niveditha could see the glaring difference in the way sex is viewed and interpreted in both countries. Back home in India, youngsters are judged for their sexual choices and often ridiculed for their sexual orientation. They fear consulting a doctor in the event of a sexual assault, lest they be blamed for being a target. In a country where divorce is a bigger taboo than violence, you know something’s not right. As a socially conscious individual, Niveditha felt the urgent need to guide people the right way. Thus, dr_nive_untaboos was set up with the intent of transforming sexual health care for young and old alike. Niveditha is trained in sexual and reproductive health for 12 years.

So that sex is no longer a taboo

Niveditha’s Instagram page is a treasure trove of information, creating sexual awareness in a fun and engaging manner.  dr_nive_untaboos addresses a wide range of topics including LBGTQ, unprotected sex, contraception, anal sex, STI testing, cervical screening awareness and many more. The diligent doctor strives to introduce her audience to some interesting terms, explaining their medical significance in an attempt to help them know their body better. The concept of vaginal yeast infection, xeronisus, squirting, g-spot, hymen and foreplay are explained in detail with absolute clarity.

Moreover, the topics are presented in a lively fashion sprinkled with catchy music and well-meaning humor. Niveditha points out “There are quite a few influencers who are promoting sex education on Instagram. However, since many of them don’t have a medical background, it’s difficult to speak from a place of authentic knowledge and well-researched information.” dr_nive_untaboos is an informative yet fun page, trying to reach out to people of all age groups and diverse sexual orientation.

Marching ahead with the right intent

As a committed feminist and a renowned TedEx speaker, Niveditha is aware of the impact of her words. She’s working tirelessly towards empowering individuals so that they can make the right decisions about their lives without getting bogged down by social stigma and orthodox mindset. When imparted the right way by the right person, sex education can transform lives in a positive way. And dr_nive_untaboos is here to do just that.

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