AMATEUR KALAKAAR – Exquisite gifts, home décor and mementos handcrafted with passion, imagination and nature’s inspiration…

Sometimes, we start something as a hobby, simply because we have fun in doing certain things. But at times, these very things can influence our life and take it down a different, yet surprisingly successful path. This is exactly what Sneha M Madliyavar experienced.

An MCA post graduate from Bangalore, she started her page AMATEUR KALAKAAR after her post-graduation. While working, Sneha in her spare time made a few home décor objects and uploaded them. The response was so good that she started to get orders. Soon she had to choose between working or turning into a full time entrepreneur and with the solid support of her family and her husband, Sneha choose to get into business! AMATEUR KALAKAAR with an amount of 20K at the age of 26, became a full time occupation for Sneha.

Inspired by nature and other beautiful elements around her, Sneha is creating fascinating art pieces that make a place look attractive!

There’s nothing even remotely amateur here… only the very best professionally designed décor and gift items…


Sneha has not had any formal training in art or handicraft making. Whatever knowledge she has gathered has been from the internet and self-thought. she has really curated incredible art pieces for her clients.

Delicate dreamcatchers customized with names and choice of colored feathers. Resin time pieces with different themes. Resin coasters with various themes. Resin floral keychains. Customized resin photo frames. Resin ornaments. Floral name plates. Wooden wall frames with quotes. Floral mini candles. Car hanging charms. Recycled bottle lamps. Decoupage bottles…. The list is endless and Sneha can customize almost anything a client demands with her art.


Her bestsellers are obviously the breathtaking dreamcatchers and of course the delicate dry flowers and leaves pressed into resin articles. A very avid gardener Sneha collects all the blooms from her own garden, dries them and stores them for her projects.  She says it is the most soulful way to preserve these blooms and pass on the love to all her clients through the handcrafted items she makes.

Not just any art and gift startup, but an innovative and creative art destination for all occasions…

Amateur Kalakaar backed by the creative instincts and driven by the superb imagination of its founder Sneha, has in a very short span of time built up a loyal fan base of over 500 customers. The main reason being that, the enterprise has always done something innovative to deliver delight to its customers. It has had close conversations, chosen the materials carefully, paid great attention to detail and then delivered on time too. The circle of excellence has been maintained consistently.  Also, Sneha regularly conducts workshops at Bangalore Itsy Bitsy stores. Sneha intends to invest her time in learning more about the creative arts and also has plans to set up a physical studio, which will also serve as a venue for people to come and see how the articles are crafted, buy from here and can even learn the art.

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