Envisious Looks: Upgrade your wardrobe with this fashion label’s customized outfits that will surely make heads turn.

Fashion has the power to nurture, heal and eventually transform our lives. It’s a way of life. We don’t often realize how a beautiful outfit or an elegant pair of shoes or a quirky bag brightens up our dull days and helps us go through a rough patch with a smile and a bit of style. While the fashion world is swamped with exclusive, international brands, it’s the homegrown brands that are creating quite a buzz with their fresh take on fashion.

Launched in 2018 by fashion designer Prakruthi .B, Envisious Looks is garnering attention for its exquisitely customized outfits for women and baby girls that are both economical and eye-catching. The brand aims to provide the most authentic and comfortable fabrics personally sourced by the founder and her team. Envisious Looks encompasses quality, loyalty, affordability and impeccable service as its core brand values.

Let’s begin from the beginning

Prakruthi’s entrepreneurial journey wasn’t a smooth sailing one. It was a culmination of tremendous hard work, ample creativity and immense self-belief. Soon after finishing her B.Com, Prakruthi thought of doing an MBA. But then, she realized it wasn’t what she wanted to do in the long run. Following the herd didn’t excite her. She explains further “I was fascinated by the world of fashion, with those wondrous clothes, beautiful colors and what not! However, merely loving fashion isn’t enough to set up a fashion label. One needs to understand the technical aspects of being a designer.” That’s when Prakruthi decided to enroll herself in a fashion designer course. Shortly afterward, Envisious Looks was born.

How did the name come about?

There’s an interesting story behind the name “Envisious Looks”. While searching for a unique name that would fit perfectly with the newly formed brand, Prakruthi’s friend came to the rescue. He often used to call Prakruthi by the nickname “Envi”, a short form for the environment since it serves as an English translation of her name (environment = prakruthi). Thus, within a fraction of a second, he suggested the name “Envisious” and it was at once approved by Prakruthi.

Envisious Looks: A blend of seamless style & authentic fabrics

Envisious Looks offers customization of outfits, catering to different requirements and occasions. So, you get gorgeous lehengas, sequined blouses, blazer blouses, stylish dresses for party wear, recycled sarees with an indo-western twist and so much more. The brand strives to establish a connection with those women who love to see themselves dressed in western/indo-western outfits, made from comfortable fabrics and available at pocket-friendly prices. Since all outfits are customized, they’re truly one-of-a-kind and cannot be replicated anywhere else.

Presently, orders can be placed online through their Instagram page. Envisious Looks has become an international brand as orders keep pouring in from abroad too.

What’s in store for the future?

Prakruthi wants to set up a physical studio that will provide a wide range of bridal services starting from makeovers to outfits. When asked about readymade garments, the talented fashion designer says “Readymade garments are easily available and much in demand, thanks to high-end, super-luxurious brands. Everybody wants a designer lehenga on their wedding day even at the cost of denting a big hole in their pocket. However, at Envisious Looks, we intend to make something as stunning and spectacular but at a much affordable price.”

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