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SHILPKOSH – A start up passionately built by a single mom, with an aim to promote Indian handicraft.

The handicraft industry has proven to be the backbone of India’s rural economy for decades. It provides skillful employment to a vast segment of craft persons present in rural and semi-urban areas.
With an aim to revive the dying art of Indian Handicraft, SHILPKOSH was launched by Meenu Prashar, an entrepreneur, in September 2021.



Meenu Prashar, at the age of 45, launched her startup SHILPKOSH. With an experience of around 20 years, Meenu has worked as an interior designer and architect. She has worked on projects ranging from residential to commercial. She was designing a flat when she came up with the idea of home decor, wall hangings, and personalised wall décor to elevate the look of the property.

Meenu is a single mother whose main inspiration for her brand is her daughter. Her daughter came up with the moniker SHILPKOSH, which means “Chest of Handicraft.”

Meenu’s primary goal of launching SHILPKOSH is to elevate Indian handcraft. She has been running an NGO for 14 years and believes that underprivileged children should be educated about society and the artists who make it beautiful. Every state has its own art form; for example, individuals in Maharashtra and Punjab are unaware of papier mache art in Kashmir. Metal craftsmanship is popular in Chattisgarh, yet most people in Punjab are unaware of it. So, Meenu wants to bring together all of these diverse art forms and artisans in order promote their work and showcase it to the world.

Meenu believes that many people are unaware that India is the home to several cultures and art forms. People in India generally like foreign items, but foreigners visit India because of the country’s diverse art forms.



Meenu envisions holding workshops in every state to help artisans promote their work, spread awareness about different art forms and help local artforms gain popularity throughout the globe.



The future goal is to bring artisans closer to prospective buyers and make people aware of the endless art and craft of India. Every decade has its own manual of handicrafts, so Meenu aims to promote artisans, upscale the art and make these products more viable for present-day needs.
“We wish to open Shilpkosh stores all over India. Though Indian Handicraft is very popular all over the world, we aspire to create demand within India as well.” concludes the founder.

To know more visit – https://www.instagram.com/shilpkosh/

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Craftiana – This artist is knotting her way to success

From crochet and quilting to macrame, fashion is embracing handmade techniques like never before. Classic fashion comes without an expiry date and crochet is one such rare element that can translate from a placemat to spring attire without losing its elegance, delicacy, or femininity. Craftiana

Keeping India’s traditional craft of crochet alive, many crochet product manufacturers and exporters are producing hand-crafted products, bringing in innovation and creativity, and facilitating the growing trend.

The gaining popularity of crochet & macrame products also has a connection with the modern shopper’s love for slow fashion. Crochet & macrame are labor-intensive and can’t be authentically produced on a macro scale. It doesn’t just boast artisanal value but the trend also encourages and promotes ethical and upcycled production. It seems to have found its footing in everyday life as millennials and Gen Z realized the power of creative expression with these artforms. Homegrown crochet artists and emerging labels are offering buyer-friendly customizations.

Adorning Lives With The Traditional And Chic Creations Of Craftiana

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Craftiana is run by Anamika Tiwari, an engineer turned entrepreneur. She started her Instagram page portraying her art and craftwork, personalized greeting cards, scrapbooks, and calendars. She was always fascinated with all art and recreational things like poster making, rangolis, mural art. During her time working in an IT company, she collaborated with event management companies which helped to showcase her creative side in theme-based decorations such as Holi, Christmas, New Year, etc.

It was only during the Covid lockdown period that she read and researched a lot about the macrame art businesses thriving so well on Instagram. Her mother, an excellent adept crochet weaver was her inspiration since childhood, and having an inbuilt passion for art, Anamika channelized her mother’s hard hand-work by launching her brand Craftiana. Her sister and mother help her with the business and it is an efficient squad of womenpreneurs running the business.

“Every womenprenuer has a supportive man besides her. My husband has supported me so much throughout this journey to launch my brand page and he has motivated me a lot” proudly says the founder.

The Product Offerings & Growth Plans


The brand sells all handmade products using macrame and crochet. The colorful & vibrant dreamcatchers, the boho wall decors, the tassel earrings, and trendy sling bags are beautifully woven with love and zeal. The exclusivity of their products lies in the handmade customized designs given to any product or gifting item like keychains, plant holders, coasters, photo frames, jackets & or any winter accessory using crochet. Since its launch in August 2021, the brand has served more than 100 orders in Pan India, presently selling online through its Instagram page. The brand’s future goals are getting more orders, building strong customer relationships, and collaborating with people to promote their business.

To know more visit – https://www.instagram.com/craftiana__/

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Pratikrut: This artist is depicting India’s rich heritage of abstract and contemporary art!

What makes Indian art truly special is its embodiment of the country’s rich history, diverse customs, unique topography and its all-inclusive fabric of different cultures and traditions. It’s as much about the Madhubani and Phad paintings as about the Pattachitra and Kerala murals. These centuries-old art forms stand as a solid testimony to India’s enduring legacy that has captivated the world with its authenticity and skill. Pratikrut

Contrary to popular belief, today’s youth is not just aware of the monumental impact of India’s artistic legacy but is playing a significant role in promoting and preserving it. Here’s a Pune-based artist Pratiti Desai who’s unveiling India’s rich heritage of abstract and contemporary art through her beloved startup named Pratikrut. If you’re looking for a seamless blend of Indian folk, ancient paintings and modern art, Pratikrut is the place for you. Pratiti wants to open her own art gallery that’ll propagate the timeless beauty of our 5000-years old art and culture so that we learn to recognize and appreciate our own artists as much as we adore their western counterparts.

When you let your passion lead the way

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What began as a hobby soon evolved into a lifelong passion for Pratiti as she spent countless hours honing her skills in sketching and painting to her heart’s content. She did a lot of creative work during her college days and began selling her paintings during that time. A diploma in fine arts combined with a major in psychology gave her an insight into colour psychology as she understood the impact colors have in the way we see the world around us. Thus, one can find a seamless inclusion of behavioral and color theory into her art.

Over a period of time, Pratiti came to discover the enchanting beauty of ancient art forms of the Indian subcontinent such as Madhubani, Shekhawati Frescoes, Pattachitra, Warli and decided to integrate them in her paintings. Pratiti explains “Soon, I started customizing paintings to incorporate Madhubani, Pattachitra, Aipan along with Pichwai, ghot gokra, Warli into my work. Her fondness for acrylic, water and poster colors led her to explore the depth and composition of a painting through these mediums. During Covid lockdown in 2021, Pratiti decided to establish her own brand and do her bit in elevating the popularity of Indian art.

Sketching on insights and instincts

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Pratikrut presents a wide range of traditional, abstract and contemporary paintings deeply influenced by Indian folk art yet striving to retain a modern touch. The art wizard that she is, Pratiti has carefully observed the artworks of various Padma Shri awardees and learnt around 10 different styles of painting including Madhubani and Kaalik art. Whether it’s a modern art acrylic painting on a framed canvas, an abstract Madhubani style black and white painting, a multicolored mandala describing the symmetry of color-schemed dots, a Shekhawati fresco of a young girl created on a tile of slaked lime (chuna) and a wooden frame or an acrylic painting of a tribal woman wearing a cultural attire on her wedding day – every painting tells a story and each one of them leave a lasting impression in the minds of the audience. Her clients include Dr. Sonal Jhaveri physiotherapist, Jagir Jhaveri Jwells Ahemdabad & Aarambh Garments Mumbai.

It’s not just an art. It’s a way of life… (Pratikrut)

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The talented artist considers paintings to be an extension of one’s own self. She elaborates “A painting on a canvas is not just a form, design or shape, it’s a reflection of myself. Each painting has its own story, whether it’s an ancient Indian folk tale or a modern culture of the 21st century.” For her, art is a medium of self-awakening through intricate brush-strokes & splash of bright colors. And with her brand Pratikrut, the insightful journey into the world of art has only just begun.

To know more visit –https://www.instagram.com/pratikrut_by_pratiti/

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DAKINI BY DAISY – Meet this ethnic wear brand that intends to make a mark globally

When in life, you find yourself in circumstances that ask you to relocate and start all over again, take it as a sign that life has some bigger and better plans for you.
This is exactly what Daisy the founder of DAKINI BY DAISY adopted as her life motto and look where it has taken her today!

After getting married in 2018, Daisy quit her job in Bangalore and shifted to Odisha, where she decided to start something of her own. Always being interested in fashion, she researched opportunities for Handloom and Handcrafted products and started networking with karigars across India. Investing hers and her husband’s savings and taking a small loan, Daisy on 16th December 2019, founded DAKINI BY DAISY. The pandemic that came within 3 months was a really trying phase, but she did not give up and persevered to take the brand to where it stands today.

Daisy is today the proud owner of her very own fashion label for HOMEGROWN ● HANDWOVEN ● HANDCRAFTED – Sarees, Unstitched Salwaar Suits and Dupattas.

Design, comfort and grace – these are the top priorities at DAKINI BY DAISY

At DAKINI BY DAISY every single saree or fabric piece is handcrafted by talented craftsmen from the traditional garment hub of Banaras, Odisha, Gujarat, South India and Maharashtra. The material, the finish and the distinctive signature prints of each region is a treat to the eyes. To the women wearing these creations it is indeed a self-expressed statement of their excellent taste and fashion persona.

Daisy working in close collaboration with her team of karigars offers Sarees in a palette of colours and fabrics that are simply breathtaking. Elegant, feather light, gorgeous, soft, dreamy these words accurately describe the brand!

Banarasi Khadi Chiffon Georgette Kadhwa Sarees, Ajrakh Modal Silk Sarees, Handwoven Chanderi Sarees, Bandhej Gajji Silk Sarees, Mul Mul Sarees, Mangalgiri Sarees, Kota Doria Sarees, Hand-Embroidered Lukhnowi Chikankari Sarees, Maheswari Silk and Cotton Sarees, Handwoven Kanchipuram Pure Silk Handwoven Sarees, Jacquard Jamdani Sarees and more. The handcrafted salwar suit material and stoles too have a class of their own.

Weaving a handcrafted success story that is creating waves across the country…

With its breathtaking range of fabrics, colours and designs, DAKINI BY DAISY has caught the eye of a lot of customers across India. With orders flowing in from customers in India, they also intend to fulfill orders from clients across the globe.

On an average 5 to 10 orders are fulfilled and shipped each day, and till date the brand has dispatched over 2500 sarees to its appreciative customers. This garment brand which truly showcases the entrepreneurial spirit of a woman and her beautiful creations, is not just VOCAL for LOCAL but also VOCAL for GLOBAL too. DAKINI BY DAISY intends to be a global brand.

DAKINI BY DAISY is truly a label that women aspire to wear and also a label that is to be watched out for a quintessential success story in the making.

So head over to https://www.instagram.com/dakini_by_daisy/ and be ready to be swept off your feet!

To know more visit – https://www.facebook.com/dakinibydaisy/

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LABEL MY LOUNGEWEAR – Aim for a goodnight’s sleep with the most comfortable and affordable women’s nightwear.

When style and comfort collide, magic happens. Clothing is supposed to be comfy, but only a few brands are aware of this fact. There are some businesses on the market who are so focused on manufacturing apparel that they forget that clothing is supposed to be extremely comfortable. However, there are other manufacturers that place a premium on comfort and quality. Today, we’re going to tell you about LABEL MY LOUNGEWEAR, one of these brands.

Label my Loungewear is a women’s clothing brand that specialises in super-comfy and super-affordable nightwear.


This is a story of a mother turned entrepreneur, Megha quit her job in 2019 to embark on her entrepreneur journey. Based out of Tirupur which is known as “knitwear capital of India” Megha wanted to explore the textiles of this city for which it is famous for. To start off she did a brief course on Merchandising & Apparel designing to understand the basics of garments.

When the pandemic hit, after a lot of brainstorming, Megha decided to launch her loungewear business. At that time, Megha was pregnant with her 2nd child and wanted something comfy for her growing body to stay at home since it was the pandemic year and she was going to spend most of the time indoors. She made the first PJ set for herself and found it to be amazing.

Then she thought there might be so many women looking for comfortable clothes to lounge around at home and that’s when LABEL MY LOUNGEWEAR came into the picture. When asked about the brand’s name and logo, Megha stated that she had always wanted a meaningful name for it. The fact of life is that you don’t share sleepwear with anyone unlike other party wear, and so sleepwear has a sense of belongingness which feels like 2nd skin to you, that’s how Label My Loungewear came into the picture.

In terms of the brand logo, she chose an owl as the emblem because a charming tiny owl represents wisdom & endurance.


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Label my Loungewear is a clothing company that sells women’s pyjama sets in a variety of beautiful patterns. “COMFORT is always our top focus,” Megha replied when questioned about the brand’s originality.

“Also, I’d like to branch out into children’s clothing soon because there’s a lot of demand from moms who want to have the same nightwear for their children. Many people have embraced the brand, and as a result of the print, pricing, and quality, and now we want to foray into nursing wear and active wear as there is lot of demand.” Megha told The Business Press.


Label my loungewear quickly became a fan favourite within a few months of its launch. Megha’s vision is to grow her brand and expand on her product offerings in the near future, with comfortable apparels that aren’t just for the night, but also for the day, with quirky prints that people can wear all day. Once she scales up her business, she would like to launch her own website so that it is customer friendly in placing orders. She would like to expand on other ecommerce platforms and make global presence. Her products are currently available online for purchase. The brand has served over 2,000 happy customers to date.

To know more visit – https://www.instagram.com/label_my_loungewear/?hl=en

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Vidhika Agarwal – This artist will help you celebrate your special moments with her custom gifting solutions, created with that personalized touch

vidhika agarwal

“The manner of giving is worth more than the gift”. – Pierre Corneille, Le Menteur

A Happier World Through Customized Gifting

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The personalized gifting industry in India has witnessed massive growth over the past decade due to rising income levels and aspirations. Factors like creative packaging, personalized notes, initial engraved boxes, etc. render all together with a seamless experience displaying extra efforts and emphasizing care, thankfulness, and gratitude. Today, individuals are moving from traditional gifting options to unconventional customized gifting concepts which act as a symbol or token of a personal bond between the recipient of the gift and the person giving the gift. Today, customers are open to broader options online, even customers from Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities are contributing to the overall growth of the market. E-commerce offers great value to its customers in a timely and efficient way at the best price.

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Earlier online retailing was limited to photo frames, mugs, and cushions but now there the range has expanded to personalized lamps, plants, tiles, calendars, tote bags, scrolls, crystals, etc. It is expected that with increasing internet penetration, there will be available a wide range of customized gifts that is innovative in design, material, and technology. The future of the personalized gifting market in India is bright and on an upward swing as India is among the top emerging nations contributing to the growth of the global gifting market.

The Ideal Pick For Your Loved Ones, Because The Best Presents Are Handpicked And Thoughtful.

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Vidhika Agarwal, a 29-year-old graphic designer has started making handmade paper products, cake toppers & stationery items like customized gift tags, theme-based wrapping sheets, badges, etc. Her personalized printed designs on mugs, photo frames, or greeting cards are sure to mark an indelible memory in the mind of the receiver. The brand is sure to create that perfect table setting with customized menu cards, chair labels, and table mats, acrylics name stirrers, initials printed on wine & shots glasses to add that extra zing to any special occasion or party decor. The key distinctiveness of her brand is that all the gifting products or table & party décor items could be customized as per the color, theme & other requirements of the client.

Talking about her business Vidhika says “My brand is a one-stop-shop for all things catchy and personal. The idea behind my label didn’t just come to me, it stemmed from my deep love for designing simple yet pretty & colorful items that light up someone’s day”.

The Business Ideation & Brand Scope

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Vidhika always wanted to self-design products and even realized that greeting cards were expensive for school and college students. So she started with pocket-friendly prices of personalized greeting cards that saw a huge response. In July 2017, she started with the greetings card business and gradually extended her product line with table décor items and stationery. From having product reach to only Jaipur city, the brand’s business saw a huge uptick & got distributed in major stores, cafes within Jaipur and now it ships Pan India.

Her work got featured @half_baked_beans, a literary platform for all budding and aspiring writers. The brand has collaborated with different online stores and event planners. She also wants to follow an eco-friendly packaging process in the years ahead.

To know more visit – https://www.instagram.com/vidhika_agarwal/

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AnKiTA: This Artist Depicts Womanhood Through Watercolour Paintings

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way —things I had no words for”—Georgia O’Keeffe. This famous quote perfectly sums up how painting is the most basic form of self-expression. It is a visual dance of the imagination that precedes over spoken words, making thoughts visible, allowing even the youngest children to communicate their ideas, express what they are feeling, construct knowledge and attempt to make sense of their world.


Painting gives voice to the unspoken, allowing one to explore, discover and experiment even before they can attach words or meaning to what they have painted. Perhaps that is why some of the most famous paintings in the world are priceless as they display the thoughts and mindset of painters that are long gone. It is this very need for self-expression that Ankita Ghosh, a painter from Kolkatta began her venture AnKiTA that gives a creative expression to her thoughts and sensibilities.

AnKiTA: Power House Of Creativity


A driven and confident woman, Ankita believes in the power and beauty of women and depicts this through her art. Her chosen method is watercolor paintings and conveys all the stages of a woman’s life- her emotions, desires and her thoughts. It takes you on a journey of womanhood and touches upon each aspect of this beautiful journey. “As a woman myself, I can feel the emotions of a woman deeply. In my paintings the woman usually has long hair, big dewy eyes like my own mother or like Indian goddesses Durga maa, Kali maa. I mostly use saree as an attire because I belong to a Bengali family and culture, and the saree is an invaluable part of my culture. I love to use red color because I think red defines womanhood perfectly.’ Shares Ankita.

AnKiTA: Creativity At Its Best


One of the most surprising things about the brand is that Ankita has no formal training in art or painting. It is pure talent and dedication that has driven her to start creating her own paintings and sharing them through social media apps. “Being a self-taught artist I do not follow any one style of painting. I have studied art through Youtube and by observing other artists. Hence there is no official name to my style of painting,” says Ankita.

She launched her Instagram page in the 2020 lockdown with an aim to pass her time, but just 2 years later she is a professional artists who creates commissioned work for clients. Her friends and family encouraged her to pursue her talent and continue showcasing her artwork through social media and increase her skills simultaneously. Ankita’s journey is an inspiration in itself as she tries to illustrate the journey of womanhood in India.


Instagram link – https://www.instagram.com/ankitaghoshankita95/

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Divinity Gifting – We Curate, You Celebrate

Show them how much you care with these thoughtful gifts

Presently envision that there is a brand who is as of now dealing with this and all you got to do is just PICK from a broad scope of smart, thoughtful gifts and voila your gift is delivered to them! Sounds unrealistic, isn’t it?

Now, let us introduce you to “Divinity Gifting” a brand that took the ‘IF’ out of gifting and made the whole process so convenient with an exquisite range of gift hampers.

Divinity Gifting

Vincia – The Founder & CEO of “Divinity Gifting” a one stop gifting solution startup that has been hugely accepted and discovered the extraordinary amidst the ordinary led them into gifting. She comes from an extremely modest family and mentioned that her parents worked hard to raise her up as a confident, empathetic and diligent person. As an alumna from Cardiff Metropolitan University, Singapore & MBA from Mumbai, where she majored in Marketing and later pursued her advanced degree in Digital Marketing. Vincia, realized that one of the central factors for a great relationship is curating personalized Gifting and launched her Gifting Concierge business in 2021.

Vincia is very ambitious and spiritual. She believes that “God can change any situation and can take away the gloomiest and darkest hour to turn into the brightest and happiest hour” Her most grounded point of support in life has forever been her Husband, Parents and Parents- in- Law.

Gifting that goes beyond products and becomes an emotion.

Divinity Gifting

“Divinity Gifting” positions itself as a “Personal Gifting Concierge” and strives to curate unique, thoughtful and amazing gift hampers – because it knows that giving and receiving gifts is truly a very personal and special act, that deserves nothing but the best.

They curate hampers for Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversary, Baby Shower, Hamper for Kids, Bouquet Hampers, Snack Towers, Exclusive Hampers and Corporate gifting as well. The Luxe Hamper is a really special one that “Divinity Gifting” is known for. Yes, with luxury gifting, they’ve turned a page in the story and since then their mission has been to create beautiful and seamless gifts.

Divinity Gifting

Each hamper depending on the occasion and the person it is intended for, has an assortment of the best goodies, fresh flowers, choicest chocolates, premium dry fruits, personal care items, scented candles, delicate fragrances, fine liquor and wine, wish card and a whole lot more. On request, customization of a hamper is also possible if done in advance. Only premium, fresh and imported products go into the hamper.

All elegantly gift wrapped and prepared to surprise the receiver! Most importantly, “Divinity Gifting” ensures that the hamper reaches on the day and time it is requested to be delivered – an impeccable record that it has maintained till date!

Moving towards becoming Mumbai’s most preferred and trusted gifting brand

Divinity Gifting

“Divinity Gifting” is a very smart gifting solutions provider with classical and modern sensibilities. You will always find that they offer a collection of gifting options to choose from, at a price matrix that offers class as well as quality.

The brand has delighted more than 500 customers and the extremely positive word of mouth that it has generated, has helped the brand grow at a fast pace. They have also sent out their hampers to many of the celebrity artist among which, one of them is “Shazia Gowariker” and also a few govt officials. Demand for online gifting is on the rise, which will boost revenues of all such start-ups and e-commerce website and firms.

Divinity Gifting

The brand is now slowly but surely moving towards being one of the most preferred gifting brands in Mumbai over the entire spectrum from personal celebrations to festive days. Online gifting has emerged as one of the most growing markets in a few years.

So, if you want to gift your loved ones something special, here’s where you head to https://www.divinitygitfing.com/

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Vriksham: This Jewellery Brand Should Be On Your Radar Right Now

It is no secret that women love jewellery. Be it a necklace, pair of earrings, bangles or rings, jewellery plays an integral role in every woman’s life. It instantly adds a touch of glamour to your look and can make even the drabbest outfit look special. Jewellery is a key component of Indian bridal trousseau as brides are seen decked with all kinds of jewellery on their big day. So is it any surprise then that India is home to a host of jewellery brands that offer a plethora of options for women to choose from?

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One such brand is Vaishnavi’s jewellery brand called Vriksham. Vriksham is an end-to-end bridal boutique, satisfying all the needs of a bride for her special day. The brand has had quite a journey since its inception in 2017, but now sells beautiful copper and brass jewellery with silver and gold polishing.

Dreaming Big


So how exactly did the brand come into existence? In 2017, Vaishnavi was working in a corporate job in Chennai when she was bitten by the creative bug.

“I longed to give a physical manifestation to my creativity, but could not put my finger on what exactly I wanted to pursue. Because I had some extra time, I thought of creating a jewellery page on Instagram. But after doing this I hardly posted anything as I still did not have the products ready. I used my savings and took help from my family and started curating jewellery,” explains the founder.

It was a one man show as Vaishnavi had to start from scratch. She had no backing as her father had also passed away. She soon began creating artificial jewellery pieces in Chennai and pursued it as a part time business. But soon she got married and her husband had to move to Mumbai for his work. Vaishnavi was forced to relocate her entire business setup to Mumbai. It was a hectic and tedious task, but it eventually paid off.


“I realized that with all my new responsibilities and the shift to Mumbai along with motherhood was too taxing for me. So, I decided to quit my corporate job and pursue Vriksham full time. I live in a joint family of 6 members and each of them try to help me out in their own way. My in-laws look after operations and I handle the rest,” explains Vaishnavi.

Consorting With Celebrities


Her brand has gained immense popularity since the last 5 years and has also had a few celebrity clients in her kitty. Tollywood artists like Nisha Ganesh, D.D, Sridevi Ashok are all dedicated clients of Vriksham and have helped Vaishnavi gain traction in her business. She has successfully fulfilled more than 30k orders and hopes to expand even further. The Covid pandemic proved to be a boon for her business as she saw a 60% increase in sales.

The brand currently undertakes orders through its website but Vaishnavi dreams of opening her own bridal boutique someday so that she can adorn brides with her creations on their special day.


Website link – https://vrikshamindia.com/

Instagram link – https://www.instagram.com/vriksham/

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TOTAPARI – Handcrafted jewelry, with style as its language and design as its soul…

Imagine a brilliantly handcrafted jewelry brand named after a mango. Yes, it will tease and tantalize your senses no end, adding that bling-zing to your personality. We feel the same way about TOTAPARI – home to an enviable collection of glittering and stylish 92.5 Hallmarked Silver and Gold-plated Brass Jewelry.

The below brand logo was designed, conceptualised and hand painted inhouse. The logo has become a unique identity for the brand.


Says Poonam Malik the founder, “Our business approach is like the Totapari mango. We create a truly tempting collection of aesthetically pleasing handcrafter jewelry. Deep down we are Indian at heart, but YES, we are also global fashion jewelry trendsetters too.”

TOTAPARI is today a well-managed family business. Poonam Malik heads artist management and design, her daughter helps in the marketing side and her son Abhijit Malik oversees administration and other functions.


The idea to launch a fashion jewelry brand came to Poonam’s mind because of her daughter’s penchant for collecting silver jewelry during her many travels over the years to fairs and local melas. What makes it offerings truly unique, is the fact, that all the designs are original and have that quirky “WOW FACTOR” factor embedded in them.

Handcrafted jewelry expressions – Designed to steal the heart of every woman!

tota 4

At TOTAPARI the whole intention is to craft jewelry that will lend itself to the wearer’s own individual personality.

“We want to make wearing jewelry an inseparable part of a style statement for nearly every occasion; casual, formal and of course celebration,” says Poonam with a happy glint in her eyes.

The TOTAPARI collection conjures up vintage Indian jewelry designs that magically, still manage to look alluringly contemporary. Using an abundance of Indian motifs like paisleys, peacocks, parrots, lotuses and even divinity, celestial symbols like the sun, moon, stars, energy motifs like chakras and mandalas, each piece is handcrafted and unique.


Earrings, Neckpieces, Bangles, Bracelets, Anklets, Rings, Nosepins – made of silver, gold plated brass, pearl, semi-precious stones – all in incredibly delicate shapes and inlaid with the most beautiful stones make for a hard to resist collection.

Fascination for the imagination and a passion for expansion…


TOTAPARI has truly stoked the indulgent fires of the A List crowd, as well as those aspiring to wear distinctively trendy pieces and make bold individual statements. Today TOTAPARI makes the preferred list for jewelry buying of more than 300 customers every month. TV stars and Bollywood celebrities too flaunt the designs. The recent past has seen the brand really evolve and growth had a sparkling upward curve to show.

“At TOTAPARI we are constantly pushing the boundaries of mixing material, design and finishing, to bring out jewelry that really explores and touches every facet of the beauty of a woman. We want to indulge the imagination of every woman who visits us,” shares Poonam.

All you really need to do to see how well her vision is working, is to visit the TOTAPARI social media handle at https://www.instagram.com/totapari1 Also do visit their Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/totaparijewellery and their Website https://totapari.com/

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SHILPKOSH – A start up passionately built by a single mom,...

The handicraft industry has proven to be the backbone of India's rural economy for decades. It provides skillful employment to a vast segment of...