Amateur Artist: An endeavor, that creativity opened up to opportunities, during the lockdown

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The lockdown, in spite of the immediate and the long term impact it had on businesses both big and small, also had another side to it. It became a window of opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to explore and convert their ideas into a professionally run business. Confined to their homes, people both young and old started looking at things differently and also got the motivation to experiment and kick start their ventures.

One of the notable success stories among the many lockdown startups is Amateur Artist. A colorful story on the power of creative thinking and the opportunities that it can open up to a determined individual.

Converting a love for art into things of beauty for home
and other spaces

Amateur Artist is a year old venture of Dhwaani Chheda who professes her love for everything that is art. Says Dhwaani “Art has always fascinated me. While in school I won many competitions and was even awarded with an “Art Maestro” award. One fine day during the lockdown while painting, it suddenly struck me that I could merge pleasure with business. This thought of mine pushed me to start Amateur Artist.”

Today Amateur Artist is quickly gaining a name for itself as a destination for art products that are truly beautiful personal gifting options. The highlight of Amateur Artist expressed in Dhwaani’s own words is “We give a personalized touch to every art piece or art gift, by offering our customers the freedom to customize them to the maximum. Another important dimension is that at the same time we also make it useful for our customers. “

This difference has made Amateur Artist catch the eye of those looking for unique, yet useful art ideas for their home or work space.

Mixing imagination and innovation to create art that
transforms spaces

Amateur Artist offers a diverse canvas to customers to pick and choose from. The initial product offering was Name Initials. These are highly customised wooden showpieces created from different fluid art techniques and can be used as a gift for various occasions. They can also be placed in offices. Joint Name Initials forsiblings or a couple are also available.

Professional Canvas Paintings on various themes are also offered. These can be commissioned too. Another innovation is a Framed Artwork. Here unique art pieces are created on paper using crayons, watercolors and even a ball pen and then framed in different styles and sizes. Also included in the repertoire are Decorated Envelopes. This is fancy stuff created for exclusive occasions like weddings. Studded with shiny stones and glitter they look rich and exclusive. Fabric Painting and Denim Painting is the latest offering.  Designs, logos, symbols, quotes or anything else is made as per a customer’s liking. A new way to look cool!

What the future holds

The future is exciting and promising. To quote Dhwaani Chheda “Introducing variations in our name initials offering and launching new products is our prime focus. Sustainability and ethical capitalism is also top of the agenda.”

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