Homegrown Platter: Nurturing a community to bring natively cultivated super foods from small farmers to tables across India

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India is a rich repository of the goodness of ancient food cultivation practices and food habits.
Ayurveda too offers ample proof of the powerful nutritional impact of the foods so produced, on the mind and the body. Across India, there are innumerable traditional farm-produced food and secret recipes, simply waiting to be discovered and make their way into mainstream food habits.

What is interesting to note is that in India, there is a visible and measurable “nutrition evolution” being built up due to lifestyle-related diseases concerns, which in turn has led to a “search and surge” for chemical-free and organic foods that are being hailed as “super foods”. Healthy eating is now a growing trend across age groups and it has created a niche business opportunity.

This is where Homegrown Platter steps in.  It is an honest venture that is endeavoring to create a close knit community that bridges the gap between traditional farms and home kitchens.

Discover the real taste of food cultivated from good old traditional farming

Homegrown Platter launched as an online buying portal in June 2020, is an idea born out of the travelling passion of its founders Aarushi and Nikhil. Both highly qualified professionals with an adventurous streak, their explorations took them to far off places in Palampur, Siliguri and other remote spots in Uttrakhand, where they met small farmers who grew herbs & crops in small farms, or gathered and made traditional foods by hand.

Both unanimously say “We were amazed by the diversity of food grown in these farms and their immense intrinsic nutritional values. This made us realise that these ingredients and products can make India a true hotspot of super-foods, grown in the most traditional and organic way.”

This encouraged them launch Homegrown Platter – a venture to bring all the local Indian ‘super-foods’ from farms to homes – in their most unprocessed form and grown ethically by Indian farmers using their traditional wisdom.

The product basket is today a truly eclectic and healthy mix of natural honey, sun dried powders, herbs and leaves, dried berries, teas, spices, virgin oil, mushrooms, rose water and more. All chemical and cruelty-free.

Homegrown Platter – A food venture that brings good health to the consumer and financial stability to the producer

The entire farm produce range of Homegrown Platter is created to ease the search for unprocessed produce and create heightened awareness about the variety of “super foods”
that are available. The other objective being to encourage the inclusion of simple ingredients in a daily diet to create a lifestyle that shapes a healthy mind and body.

The range has become extremely popular through positive user experience and this growth has resulted in a dependable source of revenue for small farmers. Delivery is available pan India and more than 1500+ clients have been served till now which is ample testimony to how well the business model is working.

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