Hulahoop Toy Library: Now you can rent 4000 different types of unique, innovative toys and books for your children, just a click away!

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Imagine how boring our childhood would have been had it not been for those bright and beautiful toys filling up our hearts with joy and excitement. As adults, they don’t lure us anymore. But as kids, they meant the world to us. I guess, nothing arouses a child’s curiosity as much as those unique, innovative toys do. Toys are important, formative components in children’s lives that entertain, teach as well as provide mental stimulation. 

With changing times, toys too have undergone tremendous changes in terms of design, quality, utility, features, fun factor etc. While toy manufacturing companies have always been in demand, lately, toy rental companies have begun creating an impact as well. Launched in 2018 by Aarshvi Shah and Swekha Mehta, HULAHOOP TOY LIBRARY has established itself as a toy rental library with a wide variety of over 4000 different toys and books for kids of age groups 9 months to 7 years.

Hulahoop: A unique and thoughtful initiative for kids and parents

Hulahoop Toy Library

Kids want what they want. And toys, they want in abundance. Owing to smaller attention span, children tend to outgrow their fondness for old toys and want new ones in their place. But with growing expenses, it might not be possible for parents to replace those toys in quick succession. 

The best way to deal with this problem is to avail the service of a toy renting enterprise. All you have to do is select a toy, rent it, let your child play with it and then once he/she loses interest, return it to the company. This way, you can put a smile on your child’s face without having to worry about increasing expenditure. Also, toy sharing would reduce clutter at home and save plastic footprint.

How the journey began

The fact that both the founders hail from paramedical fields helped in giving shape to their collective dream. While Aarshvi is a clinical dietitian, Swekha is a physiotherapist. Both being mothers themselves, Aarshvi and Swekha understand the psyche of kids and how important toys are in aiding to educate kids in a fun way. 

So even if buying all kinds of toys is not practically possible, renting them could be a delightful and pocket-friendly option. 

Aarshvi and Swekha, thus, came up with the idea of a startup where parents would find all kinds of toys under one roof, thus giving the best experience to kids and helping them reach milestones at every age.

Their common love for exploring educational toys led to this unique collaboration where “renting your favourite toy” would be just a click away! 

Striving for a better future

With more than 1000 lifetime customers, there’s no looking back for the brand Hulahoop. The long-term goal is to expand to more cities with the sole purpose of spreading joy and laughter in every home where a child resides. As one of the founders correctly point out “At Hulahoop, we aim to provide a platform which helps every mother who wishes to get their child the best joy and development through these toys.”

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