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    Casa Décor

    Casa is the Spanish word for Home. Yes, HOME, that one single word that has so many emotions attached to it.  It is that precious space where every individual wants to create something special in every sense. The whole feel or shall we say the whole vibe of one’s home, is perhaps the most important element for every individual. It deserves nothing but the very best. This is exactly what Casa Decor set out to represent – a one point stop for homes to source the very best of wood and hardware products.

    When homes need beautiful decor, the one source is Casa Decor

    The year was 1975 when Casa Decor began as a modest family run venture offering wood and hardware products. Choosing to locate its business in the hustle and bustle of General Bazaar in Secunderabad, it catered to clientele on a scale that was a bit limited in size and scope.

    However, rising from its humble roots, the enterprise flourished and has today carved out a unique niche for itself.

    Casa Decor is a family run business that has been entrusted from Mr Laxmi Narsimlu to his sons Mr Srinath & Amarnath. The pioneering legacy of what is now a fast evolving and challenging business, is being carried forward by the younger generation, Mr Varshith & Vineeth who have been entrusted with larger roles in shaping the way forward for their company.

    Today the two brothers, Mr Varshith Veesamsetty and Mr Vineeth Veesamsetty are at the helm of affairs at Casa Decor and they have bought an exciting and refreshing global perspective to the entire business structure, as well as invested in enhancing the product portfolio of the business.

    What has remained the same however, is that Casa Decor still upholds the traditional values of great customer service and an inclination for nurturing long term relationships.

    Growth happens with planning and success happens by inspiring

    casa decor

    Today, the forward vision of the Veesamsetty brothers has ensured that Casa Decor evolved to keep pace with the sensibilities and tastes of the modern customer and also the trends and practices prevalent amongst key professionals in the interior design business.

    With a broader customer base to serve, Casa Decor has invested in creating a swanky new showroom in Hyderabad. Located in the posh Banjara Hills expanse, this signature showroom is perhaps one of the most premium conceptual studio in Telangana. Clients can walk in and explore a mind boggling inventory of products like – Laminates, Veneers, Modular kitchens, Modular wardrobes, Architectural hardware fittings, Designer door handles, Digital and Biometric Locks. All made possible with the harmonious relationship that Casa Decor has built up with leading brands from the global market over the years.

    Today Casa Decor serves Architects, Interior Designers, Builders, Contractors, Villa Owners, Gated communities and other living and commercial space designers as its clients. It is now gearing up to collaborate on a larger scale with leading designers across the country to create defining spaces for people to live.

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